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Wow, cool, so its nothing like an LED.

The delivery was stamped at like 10 PM which is very odd, and doubt it was stolen off our steps. Neal gave me a phone# to contact them, and no matter what time of the day or night they say they are too busy to answer, and refer you to the website. So I opened a ticket there and still no response. The tracking info is very vague as well, saying things like destination airport, but no clue what state or what airport - just an example of the vagueness.

The lights were pointed at the grass, about 60 meters.

Right: 0.56 Mcd, modded Cometa (5A White Flat, wavien collar)
Middle: 1.1 Mcd, unbranded LEP thrower
Left: 4.8 Mcd, Viroblast (SBT90.2, 20cm fresnel lens)

what is this viroblast thing? wow.

I have a vinh’s modded unbranded in hand, any tips or requests? I don’t have any fancy testing instruments tho.

It is a home-made contraption with a cheap fresnel lens and an expensive led. Large and made of plywood. It does perform though :slight_smile:

The new Jetbeam RRT M1X and M2S use a different system.

Here are some close up shots.. I don't really understand what I see.

Jetbeam's website says this:


so, it's just an LED and not LEP?




Maybe its backlit by the laser? (Like a traditional white led)

That's possible.

Wow, very interesting. I have the Astrolux Version of the new M1x on order, should be the same.

I expected it to be similar to my Weltool W4, but seems its not.

But generally from how current LEP’s work there is a metal substrate support behind the phosphor so all the light produced is directed forward, while if its backlit wouldn’t that be inefficient as it would bleed light towards the laser as well as forward? then safety would be somewhat of a concern since IF its backlit by a laser IF something happened to the thin phosphor layer wouldn’t the laser itself be focused by the convex lens making it WAY more dangerous ?

That sure is a different setup here compared to others, how are the specs compared to Jetbeam’s claims? I have one on pre-order should be the end of the month sometime.

I’ve thought about using synthetic diamond windows as a substrate for this with a “one way mirror” on the back side. I wondernif something like that is happening here.

Theoretically that could be the case, I just wonder why they list the item and emitter type as LED ? since an LED and a LEP are completely different in terms of how they operate.

ChibiM, what are your measurements on this thing? Lens diameter, focal length, lumens OTF, kcd, emitting surface area?

I’m very curious now. Apologies for being a PITA.

Chibm, you willing to disassemble further and be the first to unravel this new tech?

The measurements on the M1X are disappointing.


Manufacturer's specs @ 30 seconds @ start
15 17.39 17.39 lm
75 62.59 63.75 lm
480 267.17 280.50 lm

There measurements were taken with the Jetbeam cell that was included.
I also tested it with a Samsung 30T just in case, but got the same numbers.

Candela at 30 seconds, measured at 20 meters distance.

Candela Meters Yards
74,800 547 598.20
226,000 951 1039.80
880,000 cd 1876 2051.80

Pretty low numbers. It couldn't even reach 1Mcd.

In my inital testing (in the morning when there was a little bit of light) I tested it higher, around 920,000 with quick some quick testing.

I'm not happy with mine.


The first, original M1X WP-RX was supposed to be 1.3Mcd, but mine overperformed and I got 2.3 Mcd.

I will probably do, since mine isn't performing not even close to specs...

ouch, that’s really disappointing. Maybe it’s just your unit. Although this would be bad luck for you it at least would not mean all are like this.

800kcd sounds more like LED than LEP :confused:

Based on your samples, CD/LM is down 41% from previous model.

Thanks for the test ChibiM,those numbers are truly underwhelming. Hopefully you got a dud and can exchange it for another,good luck.