The loathsome strobe

I’ll concede that strobe is a valuable weapon when confronted by an assailant. I would like to see a press and hold strobe function. From any mode. Off when released. Sounds simple to me. Would you like that feature?

That’s a cool idea, I think the old Thrunite TN11S did that with its side switch. Me, I prefer to think of strobe as a “HEEEEY, OVER HERE!” signaling tool.

Some Klarus lights have something like that!
I have the XT1C (2019) and it has dual buttons. The “momentary button”, when in tactical mode, allows to press for strobe (from OFF) or, when ON (H M or L modes) it can be long pressed for momentary or continuous strobe.

It is not the same as what you mentioned, but it is similar.

Fenix UC40UE does that. Press and hold for strobe at any time. Stops when you release it. Can’t leave strobe on.

Olight M2R does that.

Hum, I don’t have mine here so I can’t confirm, but when we press the tail switch for momentary turbo/strobe, doesn’t it turn the light OFF when we release it?

I also thought of the M2R but I couldn’t be sure of it…

Not a bad idea. I was happy with hiding it under a double-click, but your idea sounds good in theory. Would be interesting to test it in real life.

I would say that the whole concept of BLF Special Edition flashlights is really born from the “the loathsome strobe” as you put it, which the budget manufacturers used to put right out front in the main mode cycle: Low-Med-High-Strobe-SOS. It was indeed loathsome, and look where we’re at now with custom drivers like Andúril. All because of the “loathsome strobe”. :slight_smile: So this topic is near and dear to my heart.

That’s a neat way to think of that.

Strobe is about as tactical as a teletubby.

“Tactical as a Teletubby” That’s phenomenal. I think almost everyone has heard me rant about lights and strobe as a poorly planned defensive or offensive implementation. So I shall digress.

If it is something you just have to have the Jetbeam TH20 has three tail switch buttons. Two of those work just the strobe in a momentary fashion. Bright as can be as well. Big light though, not small by any means.

As texas shooter so perfectly put it. “Flashlights, rubber chickens and kazoos are not defensive tools.”

MIL\LE for 22 years. Never used strobe once….on purpose.

The old Olight M20 / M22 Warrior does something similar to that. You rotate the head first to put it in “strobe” mode. Then the primary switch controls on/off of that strobe at will from “OFF”. You easily switch out of strobe mode by rotating the head again.

But you didn’t have one on you… is that right? If you had a strobe on your person, you think you might’ve had some cases where it would’ve been handy?

I would love a dual switch light like the acebeam L16 but instead of the tailcap button going to turbo make it programmable to perform any function.

I always carry multiple lights at work. Stinger HL as primary, Surefire 6P on belt, zebralight sc52w in my pocket. pistol and rifle both have dedicated lights.

there have been numerous theories about the use of strobe. none have held up to the test of time (for LE or MIL).

strobes don’t disorient. they do effect the movement of shadows and can make your depth perception slightly off. (side note, i can fight with a face full of pepper spray, your light wont stop me!)

a good blast of high beam to dark adjusted eyes however does cause temporary blindness. (still able to fight, but can’t chase or run away effectively.)

in most scenarios, running away is the safest option. fight when you want to fight, not when they want to.

LE is taught to not intentionally shine lights in peoples eyes because of how fast it can hurt people.

if you truly want to know if your gear is good and you are trained to use it. tell a friend to randomly attack you.
is it more important to go for your flashlight and try to get to the strobe mode or should you concentrate on fight or flight?

your prepared mind is more important than any tool. sorry if that sounds preachy.

Strobes should be really well hidden. They’re not going to do you any good for defense, so accept the fact they’re just for playing. Press for strobes sounds awful! That would mean every time you want to turn off your light, you’d be blasted with that hideous mode.

If there was a way to permanently delete all strobes from every single light I own, I’d do it without hesitation.

How about if you just have to play a game?

His game!

I don’t get it??

I believe it has to do with your username :wink: