The Masters... The Aussie wins it!!!!

Whats everyone think of Tigers little Faux Pas at the Masters? Was the two stroke penalty sufficient? Should signing a false score card have resulted in his disqualification?

Rulz iz rulz……

I think it's hilarious that at TV viewer's call is what allegedly prompted the 'investigation.'

+1. I heard it was about 2 yards. I’m not sure if this is correct but if it is what a joke. If it was any one else they would off thrown him out. I’ve not heard the results today but go Aussies.

Yep. If it was anyone else, they’d be out. But they need Tiger because a large portion of the crowd, and of television viewers watch to see him.

On another note, I want to see more coverage of Guan Tianlang, the 14 yr. old who is doing impressively well as an amateur at the Masters. That kind of thing just blows my mind.

Respectfully, under the rules of golf, if you knowingly play your ball even an inch from where it came to rest, it is a 2 stroke penalty.

Tiger is a great golfer, but I still think he sucks as a father / husband, he is not forgiven.

I’m not a “Tiger supporter” by any means, don’t get me started, but this issue fell under a relatively new rule.

The up and down of it is the rules officials were aware of the possible infraction, viewed some video footage and decided that there wasn’t an infraction as to his ball drop, while Tiger was still playing, so no action was taken.

If they had decided that Tiger had broken a rule, someone would have informed Tiger while we was still playing and a penalty would have been assessed before he finished and signed his score card.

The rules officials decided to further review the matter and interviewed Tiger early Saturday morning. After that interview they felt that Tiger had played from the wrong place, (Tiger made his ball drop about 2 yards further back than he should have), meaning that there should have been a 2 stroke penalty added to his score.

Since they themselves allowed Tiger to sign his score card without those 2 strokes added, it was deemed to not have violated the “signing an incorrect scorecard” rule that would have invoked immediate disqualification.

There are only like 34 “rules of golf”, but there is a official book published with over 1000 specific decisions under these 34 rules.

I’m not up on all the rules of golf, but it sounds like he took a reasonable penalty that he thought was okay, and it turned out not to be okay. He signed a “falsified score card” in good faith. To me, since he already took one penalty, adding another 2 strokes seemed kind of severe. They don’t have judges out on the course to make rulings?

I didn’t watch today, but I’m hoping for good weather tomorrow and will watch. I don’t usually watch golf, but the Masters is great. Not many commercials, beautiful course. And it’s in Georgia, which is great. I have a lot of family from Augusta.

But it was a drop. His ball was lost in the water (after bouncing off the pin! sucks to be that good).

It was a drop, but there was a “drop zone, (an area marked with a painted circle, 8 - 10 feet in diameter, where players are supposed to drop into), that Tiger chose to drop outside of to get a ”perfect” yardage to hit from.

By dropping outside of the drop zone, Tiger had in fact hit from a wrong place.

The ironic thing is that the officials bent the rules on any drop zone penalty, thereby creating the need to waive disqualifying Tiger.

If they had kept their mouth shut, Tiger would have been disqualified. They should have simply assessed a 2 stroke penalty and been done with it.

But noooooooo, they wanted to give him the “benefit of the doubt” and not assess ANY penalty.
(Suddenly there was a gust of wind, and the bathroom door blew open. There they were, with their pants around their ankles, with the cameras rolling).

Since THEY didn’t assess a penalty when they should have, it might be awkward to disqualify Tiger later hence this somewhat questionable ruling. :sunglasses:

I think things would have turned out differently.

is one bad Aussie. Love to see him get the jacket.

+1 on that.

The Argentenian & Aussie are tied & going into playoffs.

Adam Scott is officially the wizard of OZ…. Kudos guys!!!

Well deserved win, Scott seems a good bloke, … went out of his way to sign an autograph for a friends granddaughter.

Bet Steve Williams had a good sign for Tiger >)

What a boring game!!