*The "Micro Lanterns" -What i built and modified!

I know a few was waiting for this topic with the video about the many micro lanterns i built & modded, the video shows most of the details.

- These all range from 5 lumens up to 50 lumens, and all brighter than a candle, even the tinyest, wallet size, which has a run time of 20+ hours on a CR2032 coin.

- Also both the micro “Hurricane lantern” and micro camping lantern, (smaller than a C-battery) has run times of 20+ hours on, and have a fire-fly glow mode that will likely run for 4+ years on a CR2032.

Below is the innards of the simple “wallet lantern” with 20+ hours run time and brighter than a candle.

The video of the many micro lanterns below:


These are very cool. thanks for sharing.

Well, if you’re building a LT1 micro, I’m in for a handful.

Can you send me a link to that 5mm wallet lantern? I’ve got some high CRI 5mm leds I want to swap into it.

Its just a flat dual CR2032 battery holder, (the rest i modified & added, the LED, resistor, and rewired it for 2P set up.
its found here:


Incredibly cool!

I ordered a 5 pack of those to build my own. What size resistor did you go with? I can’t see the full color code. Would you do anything differently?

I’m wondering where u found that red mini hurricane lantern. That’s really cute.

its a 22 ohm 1/8 watt resistor.

it was a tiny pencil sharpener found at a local dollar store. :sunglasses:

I had been looking forward to your post about these. Thanks!

I need to find one of those pencil sharpeners, especially now that I’ve received my 2400K 5mm LED’s from rngwn.

It might be this. Is 3” tall about right?

It seems dollhouse and railroad miniatures are the terms to search for.

Was there a specific switch you used? I assume it’s a 3-position switch with one leg either direct drive or run through a small value resistor, and the other leg a high value resistor?

i can’t get that link to work…

but this is the same one here: >> https://www.pencilthings.com/product-p/mei%20mx4028.htm

I used a single/dual on/off micro DIP switch. i used a 22 ohm , 1/8 watt resistor for the “on” mode, and used a 400K ( 400,000 ohm) 1/8 watt for the night glow mode that is wired direct to the battery holder.

Thanks for the details! Also, the link should be fixed.

Great video and some very nice mods. A few comments:

“We’re all familiar with the foxton”

You mean the fauxton. “faux” being french and pronounced “pho” and means fake. It is still pronounced pho-ton. Get the joke? :slight_smile:

I do agree with you on CR2032 being a nice little battery. It is my favorite for last-ditch lights.

Those remote phosphor LEDs look great! I’ve just looked through 2000 products on Aliexpress and Alibaba trying to find a supplier. Came up empty handed though. Tell us if you ever manage to find them.

I also really like the idea of the always-on firefly bypass resistor. I will have to add that to some of my lights.

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite little lantern: Micro Lantern | Coghlan's

It runs on 2xCR2032 and comes with a Nichia LED. It has possibly the most impressive diffuser I’ve seen on a lantern this size. Conical mirror combined with a reeded linear optic. Of course I replaced the LED with a 3200k yuji. The keychain junk was replaced with a lanyard. I make my lanyards a bit longer than yours - just long enough to slip over a door knob. The battery situation was trickier. What I ended up doing was replacing a CR2032 with a thin rare earth magnet. So now it is dimmer and I can stick it just about anywhere between the lanyard and the magnet.

The king of lanterns. You have had hours of fun and amusement there and no doubt a little frustration at times. :heart_eyes:

You made me decide to buy 2 lights. :person_facepalming: :beer:
The NEBO and the smallest CR2032 ones. Though I fail to find a cheap source of the latter, FT seems the best, $3.51 for a 10-pack with the BLF coupon. I have a feeling they can be had for less…

As to remote phosphor LEDs - I also failed to find any. Though I see that diffuse lenses are easy to get. I suppose they are not good enough?

I have seen those in photos, but we never had them here in Canada to get my hands on one to modify. :smiley:

Yes very much so for the frustration at times, but the quest to create the perfect tiny lantern has always been a goal. :smiley:

I wish i knew who makes those remote-phosphor warm-white 5mm LEDs, as they are the most efficient, widest light-angle tiny low-power LEDs i ever seen. these seems to glow the brightest of any LED i ever tested for a white LED on a 300K+ or higher resistor. (other than the tiny straw-hat blue LEDs) So far its only in the Walmart $1 garden solar lights i have found them.

I had a search last night for the remote phosphor LEDs and couldn’t find any, but just did a quick google for 360 5mm LED and there are a few in the image search.

The other ones I thought may be good for a even light are the filament LED, like you get in retro bulbs. They are easy to find on eBay, aliexpress etc.