The new Jaxman E3 flashlight comes in the new year

There must be “.jpg” at the end of pics from imgur :wink: Also a good idea is to scale down images a bit :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Sorry for necrobumping :skull_and_crossbones: this thread , but for a while now I haven’t been able to see Jaxman flashlights in AliExpress. Their store only presents 2 items to me (flashligt holster and discount item).

Is it only me or are people from different countries in the same situation?

I read somewhere that due to the country/zone a customer is located, some items may not appear if the store/seller cannot ship those to that country or zone .

Eagtac Store in AliExpress is the same, only accessories show to me, not the flashlights :frowning:

All visible in my web browser. Maybe it is your location.

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Same for me in the UK so (without logging in) i changed my location to the States and got maaaany products.
I can now also see the Eagtac torches wheras with a UK location i am limited to the accessories as you are.

Jaxman store is empty for me here in Finland.

I suspect it is some EU taxation related issue which (probably) neither Jaxman nor Eagtac have rectified.

Thanks for your replies folks. :+1:

Seems to be, indeed, an issue with location(s), then.

And in case the issue is with taxation, I hope they fix it :pray:
Two good flashlight stores on their own way, and it’s a shame I / we /not all of us can’t get stuff from them :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks again folks :beers:

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