The new Luxeon V2

Wow. Having 1/2 the die size REALLY helps with throws.

Then again, the LH351D is a 90CRI emitter, so the results aren’t TOO accurate, but are representative of real life.

Ok… here’s some data points. I can’t say that these will be consistent with what others may gather, but they should provide a fair comparison against each other since they all came from the same flashlight, same battery, same physical measuring setup, etc.

All tests were done with a Convoy S2 (not S2+) with a smooth reflector, 3.08A Qlite driver, and a freshly charged Samsung 30Q:

  • Luxeon V2 4000K: 11,898 lux at 1059 lumens
  • XP-L V6 5000K: 8,604 lux at 1202 lumens
  • SST-20 Cool White: 17,919 lux at 933 lumens
  • XP-L HI V3 5000K: 14,670 lux at 1007 lumens
  • LH351D W6 5000K: 6930 lux at 1161 lumens

These tests done at ~10 seconds and 3 meters.

Do you have 5 lights or you swapping led’s?

That was from swapping LEDs into the same light, driver, battery, etc.

Wow, thanks for the effort. I am interested in these but just don’t know where I would use one.

The comparison to SST-20 is especially telling. V2 gets 11.2 lx/lm while SST-20 gets 19.2. So….in my book it counts as a pure flooder LED.

Nice direct comparison gchart! 8^)

I was pretty shocked by that, I bought 10 of the SST-20 a while back when they were first announced and all that was available was cool white. But I strongly dislike cool white, so I never ended up putting them in anything. I’ve heard the chatter and knew they could throw, but I just didn’t expect the lux to be that much higher, even over the XP-L HI (with the SST-20 still having it’s dome on).

What if you put it up against a XP-L HI V3 1A 6500k? Seeing how light meters supposedly read/register CW higher?

SST-20 Cool White: 17,919 lux at 933 lumens
XP-L HI V3 5000K: 14,670 lux at 1007 lumens

Maybe this emitter is better suited for aspheric and recoil lights. I think I read somewhere in djozz's thread that something like 90% of the output is goes forward. Wouldn't that mean less light hitting the reflector (in a reflector light) which would result in less throw?

The radiant power chart doesn’t seem much different from SST-20-W.


Thank you Agro. When I saw how bright the spill was on the V2 in Post 6, I thought of that comment I read and got excited. Oh well, c'est la vie. Thank you for the response.

Just had a chance to air wire one of these up to see how I like the tint. And like you I am very impressed. I don’t have many host but I am wan’t to try this.

I think its gonna go into a Wowtac A2 headlamp. It currently has something around 5000k.

Wowtac A2 Stock(guess5000k) Vs. Wowtac A2 Luxeon V2 3000k 70cri

Hope you don’t mind I didn’t want to start another Luxeon V2 thread.

By all means, post away!

I’m enjoying these LEDs, especially for the price on that Arrow sale.

I should have picked up a 3000K to try, but I feel that might be little too warm for me. I put a 4000K in a Lumintop EDC01 and it’s a great little light. I put some 5000K in a Wuben E05 and Convoy S2.

Anyone try dedoming or slicing one yet? I think it may not help throw much, as output seems to behave like a xpg3.

You are right. Not as much gain as the older generations Cree leds.

I tested one in C8, fet driven at about 5.5A.

Dome on - 72500cd
Dome off - 100700cd

The led was sliced as close as possible to the die.

Was that a 5000K V2?

Yes. 5000k V2 from Arrow.

The more tints of sst-20 and lh351d I try the more I like these! The tint shift drives me crazy, especially when otherwise usable SST-20’s are green at 350mAh!

I got 4 left then im gonna have to either resupply or start swapping them out of lights I don’t really use.