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Thought I”d mention that DM51 has left the building! The word is that he hates DE so much that he quit. The complaints are flooding in from members about the crappy service from DE. Forgive me if this has been posted(I did not see it).


Only got to sneak fire ants into his underwear drawer and my revenge is complete.

I’m sure if there is a hell or re-incarnatuion or whatever he is coming back as the chinese chap who moderates the DX forums, he/she/it was the vilest nit picking weasel and the major reason I stopped going ‘there’.

There again as some Germans said at the end of WWII : I was only following orders. In this guys case I think he enjoyed that, where are they going to get a replacement though and how long til the ultimate power warps them……

So, where did he make this announcement?

Yes, where did he make this announcement? And where are you seeing the complaints pouring in? Links please? or is this this just more misinformation?

Yeah DM51 was a real piece of trash. Glad he is gone. He was a Nazi in the way he moderated and ran off many members, myself included. I am still a member but basically this is my new home for flashlights not ‘there’ because of him. I hope he can find joy in bossing around some 15 year old highschool kids at McDonalds or Wal-Mart. Thats where he would fit in best.

Stupid movie, but how about the role of the video game programmer/developer (also starred in Dodgeball)?

For some reason I’m thinking of a pizza shop evening shift assistant manager bossing around teenage delivery drivers.

I don”t make shit up! XML250 made the statement. As for what thread…………go find them yourself sheldonD

Hey Bose. I don”t hardly go there anymore but I had subscribed to the DM51 thread & got in my e-mail. But the word (XML250)is he left because of his hate for DX (or Deutschland lol)He supposedly stated DX made C-F less credible. Kettle calling the pot black.


sheldonD waits around for ANYTHING about C*F & then pounces LOL.

That may be the biggest improvement to their forum they have made in years.

I don’t see the point in bashing DX. You either deal with them or you don’t. I’m generally okay with them. Even when they took forever to ship something, they were quick to cancel the order and issue a refund.

LOL, complaints about DX make him leave the place, but he was never concerned about complaints about him?

No Troop. The word was he left cause C*F took DX on as a sponsor. As for the veracity of this I don”t know. This was the word of a pretty established member over there. I don”t mean to gossip……but since so many of us have ties with C*F I just figured it was relevant info for BLF members. I personally don”t have a beef with them as they can run their ship as they please. I follow some threads of interest & keep posting to a minimum. BLF is just a friendlier place in my estimation.


He is still listed on pages as a moderator… how about some evidence and especially, some links? I saw nothing about this over there or on FNF.

Show us the links, man!


A few weeks ago I saw some thread where someone was asking about what happened to him. Gr*ta said he was taking a break. Here’s the thread, now closed.

did you see the last post on the first page of that thread? Looks like Empath has jumped right in to take DM51’s place.

They seem to idolize that guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Going from very bad to worse.

I have a good Aussie mate over at C*F and he had lengthy PM”s with DM51 and said that he (DM51) was a very nice guy.


Judge a man by his actions…

Here on BLF I dont have to ‘double think’ everything to ensure I’m not going to fall foul of a sponsor or supplier, or ingrained flashlight snobbery.

When it got to the point that I could not contribute for fear of the Moderators wrath well it was time to go elsewhere. I suspect that loads more people who went to C*F gave up too. Which is a shame as it started as a community board with loads of info.

Strongly agree!

DM51 may be a nice guy in private talks with his aussie friends, but as a moderator: aagh!