The other million bet beam

well will try to make an more traditional review of the light since i understand that if the video was funn for me and maybe for you :stuck_out_tongue: its not that much informative. forgive me the sluggishness in replay but between work, family, changing the house, health problems and all the different things that real life can throw to a man I am having less and less time.
will upload here more photos and schemes and maybe some other videos too if i find it worth it.

main scheme (I try to give the right scale )

(I have deleted something here because I must be really stupid sometime :stuck_out_tongue: )more photos to come soon.

i will try to explain why i chose a dual lens system and what i gain from this setup.

ok as shown in the diagram above if an single lens with a big focal point is used, the setup suffer from big loses in total lumen output. you see from 180 degree (practically is just a little bit smaller angle than that between 180 and 120 from different type of led ) of emitted light only 50 degree are captured from lens and are used for throw. throw is very good and in my case is very high in the same range with my dual lenses setup but as i said will lose lumen and in a big percentage. how this translate to the beam shape and characteristic? throw will not change, but the beam will be thinner. less lumen it have for the same amount of throw the thinner it will be. generally when you see the beam shape in a wall (setup with lenses) intensity or brightens of the spot IS throw, the total surface of the spot is lumen output of the light generally speaking.
lets see what happen in practice to the beam, in my pure-throw SYRI setup. I make one photo at around ~15 m distance in an almost white wall in minimum level (0.380mA) photo is made with an Fujifilm Finepix S8100 once at 0x zoom and once zoomed.(everything is auto as far as i know )

1. this is a shot with dual lens setup

2. this only with the big lens

the difference is very visible, in both setups throw is pretty much the same, total output change drastically.
the same thing zoomed :

  1. dual setup
  2. single setup

take note that the spot with single lens seems bigger than what it looks in reality because camera fail to capture well. I make another comparison to see better the difference at around ~200m distance.

  1. dual setup 18x optical zoom
  2. single setup

from photos you can see that the spot in dual lenses setup cover and area ~4 times bigger than single lens setup, this means its 4 time more stronger in total output.
in fact with some measurements i have made syri pure throw is almost equal in output in lumen with my stock convoy m2 (xml @2.8A) this with an single lens is almost impossible to achieve and with lenses I have in my disposal totally impossible.

so pre collimator can not make your setup throw further, but you will gain in lumen, your setup will be smaller, and the beam will be generally more regular.

I make some other photos benefiting from my friend bridge camera and the nice 18x zoom
@200m 18x zoom

the same no zoom(my usual testing place)

I have made the terrible mistake of painting the place around the phosphor with black trying to give the last cosmetic touches to the light. I painted little bit the phosphor, and now every time i chose to play with the light and turn on my pre-collimator condense from the paint material that heat up from the led. the result? and perfectly round beam and strangely enough its little bit more cold tint its very white. i have to open clean and after first use everything is ok as before . Maybe i change again led one of this days …

I have heard some here hate the square beam, well i got it by accident :stuck_out_tongue:
all photos by the camera :
(this will be updated soon )
another interesting place to test the light (photo by my phone all default settings )
test shot distance ~1km

and Syri pure throw on :stuck_out_tongue: (unfortunately batteries was not full that day, and the ambient was with a lot of light )

Is that you? If so then I gotta say awesome ’stash man!

Amazing work!!! I wish I had your patience and determination to see projects through. AND 1 MILLION CD?? F#(@*^! INCREDIBLE!

That is crazy awesome, Ervin! I would never have thought of using a combination of two aspheric lenses. Congratulations!
Incidentally, I never noticed before that you are from Albania. My violin teacher is from Albania as well! You may have heard of him, he was pretty big time there when he was younger, does the name Gert Kumi mean anything to you? You people are smarter than us Americans… :wink:


yes that’s me who is really sweating to pas 1 million cd throw barrier. this was more hard than predicted i have three months that work on this and finally its over.

thank you I was trying to make some funn with a movie :bigsmile:

thank you, in fact its around ~1,170,000 cd :beer: but this i an hobby which give me back a lot of pleasure. the last one was little bit difficult and maybe some times have passed the line of funn but when i start something i really like ti finish it. you can not believe it how many time i fail to go 1 million in measurements, 1 time driver was down one time focus was bad, one time it was thermal problems and so on. I was almost give up after two months of trying, when i thought to measure at a bigger distance when i finally got over 1 million. I was so happy that i make an photo of the lux meter and also wrote the exact numbers and date and hour somewhere lol. so measurements was an problem in it self too. message of all this ? just dont give up for what ever you like to do ! :slight_smile:

thank you Legolas and sry the name is not familiar to me but I am not too much in the classical music. I know only Tedi Papavrami but will ask my brother because he once was very good at playing cello when young. And i Just wanted to say no body is smarter than anyone really, there are only little differences but this are very small to make any difference. every person is talented at something and special only have to find it where. maybe we Albanias being poor generally are forced to work little bit more and that’s all I can think. I personally believe people are very similar around the world IMHO.

thanks :beer:

I am waiting for some bridge camera to find the opportunity to make some decent beam shots. photos at longer distances with a phone camera are very very hard. I am reading on internet for the last generation of mega zoom cameras with 50x or 60x zoom but I am still undecided if its is worth the trouble of purchasing one… this hobby of mine is becoming very expensive lately lol

Put that long throw beam in front part of video, deserve more attention. Simply awesome!

Great work! Cool video.

Congratulations on making an epic thrower! :party:

Yes…more pics of light and beamshots please. This light is worthy of it!

I like how you were putting it in peoples windows too :stuck_out_tongue: Try some of this stuff- it’s what I used to use in cooling cpu/gpu components and it lasts forever. Doesn’t work on aluminum I found- which is basically all the pills out there xd But copper it really can’t be beat. Doesn’t degrade either over time.

Not sure about thier other products but I can say with confidence that stuff is the real deal when it comes to tim. I like the beam is perfect :slight_smile: You just did a mustache ride on all of vinhs lights


Well done , sir .

Congratulations .

Nice work on the output and creating a white laser light! :slight_smile:

I didn’t see you using any light recycling. Your numbers could be quite a bit higher if you are not.

probably will do it or will upload a newer one but have to find time one of this days. thank you.

thank you, i just love throwers you know :bigsmile:

thank you, i will try to do it.

hahahah I am short of places to test the light for the moment, so for now I am forced to bother my neighbors :stuck_out_tongue:
its interesting your suggestion about that specific tim, and I have searched a lot on this subject forced by my goal on the latest project and I have already bought PK1 to test. only Prolimatech seems to attract my interest, we will see.
I have used cool master tim with good result in my project, several bad no name tims that give worse results than without anything…. if i like what i see will upgrade definitely to what you suggest. but this subject its a little bit complex, a lot of factors to take in consideration…
about vinhs I have to say that from what I know vinh upgrade factory lights which is different from my project that is entirely projected and made from scratch. the time invested here is incomparable too, i have 6 months that work for this single light :tired: but thank you for your suggestion and good words :beer:

thank you

thank you

thank you very much DBS :beer:

well that is an interesting argument. and of course i have taken in consideration recycling tech, but i chose not to use it for several reasons. first of all its inappropriately expensive in my opinion, its complicated and difficult to implement in the right way, and i was after an more balanced beam between throw and lumen numbers and dimensions. I am under impression if i use one will lose lumen. yes i believe that including a collar will rise output throw in the end product, maybe i could hit ~1.5 Million cd… maybe next project will use one but as I said I am not to much fan of recycling tech for many different reasons . will try to touch this subject in more details when i review my light with more photos and schemes one of this days. thank you for the suggestion

YAY for aspherics!
Can you tell me more about how the pre-collimator lens work? So the first lens is an Aspherical, and the second is a planoconvex lens?
I have many aspherical lens, but many of them are bad quality. Where do you get yours?

Maybe you can go to a glasses store and get those lenses AR coated!

I will explain in detail how pre-collimator lens work, what it can do and not do, just gave me some time to prepare some diagrams and photos. Pre-collimator is an uf t20 lens and second lens an 100 mm diameter from fasttech.

I am in awe, that is an incredible build.
Gives the word, scratch build a whole new meaning…

You win greatest build of 2014 from where I sit.
Well done!

thank you very much for the nice words, but lets be fair here, Syri pure throw have almost double the time at disposition, the contest have been closed from a long time now and I still work and improve the light. So what you see here is different from what i was able to realize during the contest time.

first post updated, hope to have been able to share some light in likevvii questions.

What a great light! I love how it looked during the competition and now you have made it even better. Thank you for taking the time to make video and pictures and borrow cameras and all this. What a great build. TY :-D