The Protesters are Gathering, What Light(s) do you pick?

The protesters were only ½ mile away. It’s getting dark. They’re getting feisty.
What to pick?
I looked in the light storage box. I don’t have a nifty shelf display (clearly I’m challenged in this regard).
I pulled out the 2 Streamlight HL5-Xs.
One went on the sidetable in the TV watching area.
The second on the bedside table.
Why? Dead simple interface and plenty of light and run-time.
Not too heavy and plenty tough.
The TV side one moves to the kitchen at bedtime.

Sofirm SP70 by the front door. Set to turn on high. Rear switch activated so the side switch glows all the time.
Why? Simple interface and plenty bright. Really heavy too.
No problems finding the button in the dark – which is a problem with the Streamlights.

Sofirm SP36 right next to the Streamlight in the bedroom with the power button glowing.
Why? Plenty bright and the button is easy to find in the dark.
So in the bedroom there is one light for each of us.

The normal bedside light, Olight Baton (SRII?) is in it’s normal bedside place.
Why? It’s the light I use for typical moonlight mode after-dark roaming.

Thankfully nothing came of it. The protest moved away from the mall. Perhaps because there were some seriously large civilians standing at the entrances. Move along, nothing to see here, nothing to damage.

The mob blocked a street, even closer to us, but mostly well behaved, and eventually dispersed.

So, what’s your choices and why?
Let us not get into politics. Just light choices.

All the Best,

L6 with tactical ring, nice to have something to hit with.
Just the reason people bought those very inconvenient long maglites a few decades ago

1/2 mile away… easy… the light with the Barrett attached to it…. Why… the Barrett is more than capable at that distance in an Urban environment…

Nothing says “Howdy” like 700gns, at 2700fps.

If I had one of Matt’s 100K lumen portable suns, I’d want that on hand too…
All the Best,

Since I haven’t seen anyone protesting people owning or using flashlights I’ve done absolutely nothing different with them, did I miss something?

IDK if the loaded language in the OP really accomplished that…

non lethal

I think there maybe a spousal underground planning protests right now…
Instead of tea, they are planning to dump lights into the harbor.

Now that is scary. :open_mouth:

In before close. X 65 in one hand and the other hand free for other stuff.

Don’t count on it they never forget any wrong, real or imagined. :frowning:

I’ve been carrying two lights that so far have never failed. A Pflexpro 3.8 amp on/off only tactical light, going strong at 5 years. An Astrolux FT01 that’s potted, going on two years.

I just hope that protesters/rioters never come here. A flashlight will only alert them where you are. I don’t think I would shine a light on a mad bear unless it was in a cage. So think about their reaction to a bright light shining on them will bring. Avoid trouble, if possible.

I always bring my X 65 at times like this.

Mini GT that’s mounted on my AR.

I don’t even know what that is and it still sounds like it will do the job. I clearly need one if not more. What is it?

Opps, googled it perhaps not: “X65 Sex Toy Mens Chastity Belt Device With Butt Plug Dildo …” I was not thinking along these lines at all……

Instead of shining my lights at them to annoy people maybe I would join them protesting for their freedom and rights.

’Though I imagine that might just scare away any ornery protesters…

I was thinking something along the lines of an Active Denial System of a few huge 365nm UV arrays.

Anyone sticking around would get a beastly headache.

… and hopefully snow blindness.

Over here, self defense is more or less prohibited. We need to run. Or grab a kitchen knife, if there’s a family to protect.

Maybe one could mount an Olight Valkyrie on a filleting knife :weary: .

I wish you guys the riots will end soon. Its a terrible situation.

I second it. Prepare one or two throwers but don't use them unless they are absolutely close. CCTVs and any for or cameras are good for recording evidence gathering and deterrence purpose.