The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread

Are illuminated tail caps always ON?
Will a light with a twisting tailcap lockout turn the tail led on/off?


A lighted tailcap is on when the flashlight is off. As soon as you turn the flashlight on, the LEDs in the tailcap turn off. When you twist the flashlight tail out, the lighted tailcap turns off, and accordingly the flashlight can no longer turn on. The lighted tailcap is on the same circuit as the flashlight.

That’s what I thought/figured.
Thanks for answering.

If I want to eliminate a thermistor, can I just connect the wires going to each end and bypass it with no resistance? I’m switching leds in my TM16GT from XPL HI to XHP35 HI. Not sure if eliminating the thermistor is such a good idea, but want to keep my options open. Since I’m going from a quad MCPCB to 4 individuals, I’d have to find a way to mount the thermistor. I could probably file down an old XPE star and mount it on there, then glue it down.

Does the protection circuit of a low voltage protected cell add resistance?

I have a protected 3000mah Thorfire 18650. If I use it in a light with a MOSFET driver am I limiting the potential output?

These protection circuits are pretty easy to remove, correct? (I’ve salvage lots of cells from power tool and laptop packs)


I would say yes they do. You’ll get more from a non-protected cell. I’ve never had this happen myself, but I believe you can also trip the protection circuit with a FET or direct drive light. You can remove the circuit, but just be careful…all that stuff is connected really close, so it’s easy to short out with wire cutters or whatever tools you are using. You’ll most likely need to rewrap the cell when done.

Thanks WillyD

What robust tool(s) are experienced modders using to loosen sometimes very tight/chemically locked retaining rings?

I got a set of Tekton snap-ring pliers for that. Pretty good quality (I haven’t snapped the pins off yet :smiley: ), excellent customer service.

Thanks lightbringer.

Why do people chew mashed potatoes?

Or grits?

Or applesauce?

So you don’t choke on the bones, of course.

Don’t forget the yogurt chewers

As a relative newcomer to this forum this has been a valuable thread for me. Both reading past posts and getting answers to questions I’ve posted. A lot of good information.

Thing is I think it would be a lot better if people stopped making jokes. It dilutes the information. If someone wanted to read past posts to see if their question has already been answered they’d have to sift through a bunch of blah blah blah.

I wasn’t going to say anything but maybe I’m not alone in this sentiment.

Anyways. Feel free to call me lame and a party pooper (or worse I don’t care). I’m a big boy. I can take it.

Thanks guys

Ok I take it all back.
That is funny.

Point is: BLF is all about fun. Jokes are a big part of it.

You might have notices some threads that has a lot of off topic chatter. That is part of what makes BLF BLF. :wink:

It’s not that I completely disagree with you but it would make everything way too serious.


Are there any lights that use 14500’s with a medium mode and a long run time? I’m trying to find a small AA sized light that can run at 30-50 lumens for as long as possible.

The problem is most of the lights in this range only last around 7-8 hours on an alkaline/nimh, but if you jump to a 14500 they just crank the brightness up in medium mode rather than providing a long run time.

I’d love to get 12-15hrs out of a small light at 30-50 lumens for camping.

For comparison, a skilhunt h03 can run for 75 hours at 20 lumens on an 18650!!!

Are candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars still made?