The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread

Why do some light enthusiasts rave about specific flashlights to a point I picture them with a tattoo of the light they are debating over?

I don’t know, why are you?
Some reasons might be;
Read all other threads and where curious?
want to get in a couple more post to reach 1000?
The power compelled you to?

I really feel stupid now. :person_facepalming:


For battery safety read this thread, Lithium-ion battery safety 101LIION Battery safety

This is a good thread, I’m excited about this. Not a hellova lot of answers but good questions. Some legitimate, some not.

But thanks, Skinny Tie, That was what I wanted to know. You are the exception.:slight_smile:

If you could fire a laser in one direction of the cosmos and it didn’t disperse or hit anything that would absorb it, given enough time. would you see it coming from the opposite direction from where you sent it?

Maybe in a few million years if you were still alive. :smiley:

LOL, I could not resist. It’s not my norm.

Will the BangGood A17DD driver cook the LED in my Ultrafire C8? I’m asking for a friend…

Which end of the flashlight lights up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Both… hehe

How close to the ceiling does a fly get before it flips upside down and sticks?

And will a Q8 blind it?

The opposite to the one that doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there something like Moore’s law with LED emitters?
I’ve refreshed many old lights with newer emitters and the increased output is amazing.
Will I look back on today’s emitters 10 years from now and laugh at how weak they are or has this technology been nearly pushed to its limit?

Not asking for crystal ball answers, just wondering if anyone has deep knowledge of how far this can go.

If it is a genuine cree, no problem

Is the DX80 in turbo mode strong enough to spot a hiding Sasquatch?

Is this a stupid question?

As long as you have most of the other prerequisites:-

A camera that cannot focus
Shaky hands
A lack of corroborating witnesses
Redneck ancestry

Title of this thread... "The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread"