The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread

On what type, kind, style(?) of flashlight do we need to feel it necessary to use protected cells?

What gives li_ion a 4.2v charge? Why is it not 6v or whatever random volt we need? Why 4.2v or 1.5 for alkaline and 1.2 for Nimh?

Does anyone really think we are alone here on earth, there are a estimated (possible) 100 billion solar systems out there.
Is it naive of us to think that earth is the only one that got it right for life.

If a tree falls i…….ah, never mind.

Per current estimation of galaxies in the universe is 2 trillion (yes, trillion with a “T”) odds are that we are not alone.

Think of a battery like a box of food. The V are the calories or “fat” each material (food) gives of a certain number of calories. li_ion is like a donut/pizza while the others are more like an apple. Also in a battery there are “cells” these cells are like lets say a dozen donuts in a box the donuts are the cells the box is the battery. For example in car batteries there are six cells with 2v that gives us a battery “box of donuts” of 12v. The V charge depends on the characteristics of the materials used.

Why am I here reading The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread?

I’d say that it’s necesssary to use protected cells in any light that uses cells in series, and it’s advisable to use protected cells in any single-cell light without low-voltage cutout, such as those that can take either AA or 14500 cells.

Should protected cells be used in lights that use multiple-cells in parallel?

Why do some light enthusiasts rave about specific flashlights to a point I picture them with a tattoo of the light they are debating over?

I don’t know, why are you?
Some reasons might be;
Read all other threads and where curious?
want to get in a couple more post to reach 1000?
The power compelled you to?

I really feel stupid now. :person_facepalming:


For battery safety read this thread, Lithium-ion battery safety 101LIION Battery safety

This is a good thread, I’m excited about this. Not a hellova lot of answers but good questions. Some legitimate, some not.

But thanks, Skinny Tie, That was what I wanted to know. You are the exception.:slight_smile:

If you could fire a laser in one direction of the cosmos and it didn’t disperse or hit anything that would absorb it, given enough time. would you see it coming from the opposite direction from where you sent it?

Maybe in a few million years if you were still alive. :smiley:

LOL, I could not resist. It’s not my norm.

Will the BangGood A17DD driver cook the LED in my Ultrafire C8? I’m asking for a friend…

Which end of the flashlight lights up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Both… hehe