The ultimate all round One light Solution..... PHHTTTTTTT!!!

For years I have looked for a light that would satisfy as the "one light" that I could carry and be done with it....Frown

It's just not possible...Yell

It's so, so sad.Cry

The problem is power. I have come to believe that batteries are the root of all flashlight evil... muahahaha

If you want a small light, you can't have a powerful light, at least not for very long, or the battery dies. If you want run time, the light just gets bigger and bigger until it can't be an easy to carry light any more.

With everything we can do with technology, it's just.... well it's "Inconceivable!"Tongue Out

We are still living in the flashlight dark ages, carrying around extra batteries, storing batteries, charging batteries and hording more and more batteries. I think we would be just as well off with a pack of matches and an old fashioned oil soaked rag torch, on a stick. Laughing

After all these years, I still can't buy or make what I need. I want a light that I could hand hold and wear, (in a holster most likely), that would give me 2000 lumens, if I needed it and several graduated modes, down to a hundred or so lumens. Well, that's easily done with the right led and driver, but having those 2000 lumens turned on for any longer than a few precious minutes, means bigger and more powerful batteries. Who really wants to carry around a "king sized", (literally), light on their side and a pistolero belt full of batteries around their waist. It would be like the old west, "Draw Pardner" and the guy whips out a light, turns it on and has to quick change the batteries after six clicks.Tongue Out

Dark ages...






Now Open for discussion - the plight of the flashlight enthusiast...

My perfect light is that big round glary looking thing in the sky during the day. It does not even take batteries. Only problem its scared of the dark and hides at night time. :_(

i agree its near impossible to find the “perfect” light. I always end up carrying several on my camping, fishing, biking, boating trips.
For me a near perfect light would be a great holster-sized refined zoomie with an XM-L2 / NW, ( somthing close to the size of a Skyeye F13) with 5 or 6 brightness modes including moonlight, hidden strobe and beacon mode, capable of using many battery types including 18650, 26650, 32560, D-size, C-Size, multi AA & AAA sizes, ( all with included tubes and adapters) with a charging port for the Lithiums option, a side switch for the modes & on-off, and a rear switch for lockout, tail standable, include a lantern diffuser, a good nylon holster, be IPX-8 waterproof.

I will have to build it i guess. :slight_smile:

my ideal light? about the size of a 2xAA maglight, and powered by the heat of my hand to produce over 2k lumens!

What? no gloves to operate?

Grossly under specked. :wink:

I live in texas, it doesn’t get cold enough for warm gloves, and only doctors need gloves to work. Real men have calloused hands :stuck_out_tongue:

Graphene might be the next big thing as battery sources go.


You might want to take a look at what this fellow has done with MT-G2 lights (sorry - the “other” forum):![](-MT-G2-Regulated-2x18350-Lights)-(Preorder)

I have one of the ones he built with a T10B host and the IOS 3.5 amp (now, 4.5 amp) drivers, and it’s “tiny” with 2x18350 batteries… definitely pocketable, plus you can use the extension and use it with 2x18650s. I haven’t run it for a long time on high, but it definitely does do more than “a few minutes”. I don’t have a way to measure lumens, but it’s pretty bright.

Note that per his thread, he/we have had some problems when using in the 2x18650 mode with some batteries, mainly because of the original spring that IOS provided with the T10B host, and he worked with me to get a less strong spring, which seems to work much better.

I have no idea what that is, but i’m personally excited to see what super caps bring to the industry

This !

In my very small collection, the SC52 is the closest torch I have to perfect (for me anyway)
I like my torches small, bright, floody and many modes. As much as I love my SRK, it’s just a bit too big to take with me everywhere.

Nope, we’re not in the flashlight dark ages anymore. But we’re in the renaissance! ;p

But I, like all of us, get tired of playing the battery game. Maybe 20 years down the line will bring a 1AA light that can produce 1,500 lumens for 12 hours? I still doubt it.

Thanks. Maybe this is what I should do with my M2. Is this the driver?

You should do a run time/voltage test with the 18350s and see. I would expect output to fall off dramatically after a few minutes, even with 18350 IMR cells, as the size does not allow for any real capacity. It may seem to be bright since our eyes can’t tell much till the level drops considerably, but I bet it drops fast.

Anyhow, it was more of a thread starter just to get people talking about batteries than anything. Just passing time, so to speak...

I am guessing you have never welded?

It'd be a hell of a light grenade for those few minutes.

That T10B with the IOS driver is a sweet setup, for the size, ideal with 2 18350's (T10A setup) and a MT-G2. ALso that IOS driver is the same as the 5A LCK-LED driver -- it's a common driver design, even used in this $8 FT driver, but with a different inductor. I got all the parts for it, but having trouble figuring how to get the driver to fit.

It could be a contender accept for runtime, and probably cannot sustain that high output on the cells for too long, as previously mentioned.

Basically, there needs to be a technological break-thru to take hand held lights to the next level in terms of high output with reduced heat, and improved density of power. Progress is being made, but it's a slow pace.

How long is “a few precious minutes” and “for too long”?

What do you (and others here) consider a reasonable measure of improvement in technology ?

I’ve linked to my post earlier that demonstrates my belief (1,000 lumens, 1 standard sizing cell, 1 hour runtime)

Maybe in the future we’ll use nuclear cells.