The Ultimate "Budget" EDC light, for LESS than 2 bucks. **UPDATE with MOD INFO**

It is possible, to have a single-AA EDC light, a twistie, single-mode, 40 to 50 lumen, with a good balance of run-time and close-range output, with a near perfect tint equal to a Nichia 219… for LESS than the cost of a cup of coffee.

( The Pailide is seen here between a Nichia219/Solarstorm SC01,. and my pocket-dwelling Thrunite Ti2.)

The term “Budget Light” really applies here, but the performance for the price is even better.

This single AA light cost $ 1.67 each.
The mod parts cost $ .18 cents each.
Time for the mod, is 15 minutes or less.

The result is a small, solid EDC sized single AA Twistie, that measures roughly 45 lumens on a single mode, will run continuously for 6 hours or more in a single Eneloop AA, ( or 2 - 3 hours on a good AA ) has a very smooth, beam pattern from hotspot to a wide flood spill, (not to bright or to dim for close-range work & use) and a great tint & color rendition that is practical identical to a Nichia 219, all for a cost of $ 1.85 .

This is not a typical 2-dollar “Police 3W” , as this Pailide GL-037-13 light is much better built, better anodizing, thicker/stronger structure, has a better driver, and a better reflector, better grip and feel than any of the dozen or so police lights i have. ( also the side clip from a SC-01 fits the tail-groove on the Pailide perfectly.)

Added with a mod using a Neutral White (4500K) Luxeon Clone LED emitter that has the best tint short of a 219 that cost only 0.18 cents each. ( pack of 50)
These cheap emitters in Neutral white sort of look, and give a beam pattern almost like a Mini-MT-G2 emitter with its wide flooding beam and shape.

( Here showing the MT-G-like round-die emitter dome shape, and the phosphor color similar to a Nichia 219 -

With the stock Driver with this emitter pulls 0.55 amps from a single AA Alkaline, giving them a better output than the 3W police lights, (even with its stock Straw-hat LED)

I will post the Mod photos and procedures soon.

( Below, is the Pailide on the left, and a Solarstorm SC01 with a Nichia 219B on the right, showing the near identical tint color. ( SC-01 was on “medium Mode”-

The lights can be bought from BuyInCoins here for only $ 1.67 each. ( i bought 20 of these 4 weeks ago, though they list them out of stock at the moment, they told me more will be availiable soon.) >>

The Emitter can be found on Ebay here in 50-packs for $ 8.99. ( specify the Neutral White 4000-4500K tint, and the 1W option.)

( for some reason i am unable to find the button for the MouseOver option below)

Solarstorm SC01/Nichia 219

Pailide/NW Round Emitter

UPDATE with MOD INFO is in Post # 29

UPDATE - December,30th, 2014 - as reported by Lancman, these lights seem to be back in stock at BuyInCoins. :

Damnit!!! You guys are why I’m broke….AND in the doghouse :stuck_out_tongue:

Please pics on the mod good sir!

Oh yeah…and linky’s please!!
Only one I found was for a 2xAA

Photos on the mod steps comming soon. :slight_smile:

Very nice! A link? Edit: I swear I didn't see a link at first.

Available in other colors as well?

When i ordered the lot of 20, i received half in Black and half in red. ( as them when you order)

i added the links to the light and emitters in OP.)

You win the B in BLF award!!

More ’spensive if you gotta have it now :stuck_out_tongue:

doesn’t the cri suffer tremendously with these emitters? some are around 60 or so

You did not mention: it is rather goodlooking too!

Looking forward to the mod pics!

Just a bit cheaper here.

+$7.42 shipping to the Netherlands....

Nice post! Thanks for the share. Work internet sucks. I’ll check the pics at home!

Those replacement LED’s look like the ones that come in the cheap MR16 bulbs

with the cool white generic emiter the CRI is horrible. These Neutral White versions however the color rendering to the eye looks very high. (even with the Warm white versions it seems to be good.

Nice find. I never thought these could be found any cheaper than the ones sold on BuyInCoins, especially with the build quality and output seemingly better than most all the other “cheap” police-3W lights we know of.

it may be cheaper for me to ship one to you from Canada. Lanshi LS-123, used it for more then a year and still have it. Nice to see someone mod them,thanks.

interesting to know these been around for a couple years under different name brands.

What are the mod procedures?