The Yellow Q8 (added a test of a pink Epileds 5050 led in post#18)

Yes, just checked, my ROT66 (219B V1 sw45 R9080) at max looks yellow next to this one :party:

About the bike shot, it was my phone camera, I did not hold it still enough for the beamshot.

Not an Epiled, but got some “bead” type pink LEDs offa Amazon. They’re pretty interesting. Got one in a drop-in, which ended up in a pink/purple/whatever ’501 that I got offa FT.

Call it a Barbie-Light…

Hang on a sec…

Here ya go. Go crazy…

(Damn, got ’em in 2015!)

This is really cool!

Aparently not. :smiley:

I was bored and started toying with a few colour flashlights. I thought that if I could fill in the spectrum of the pink one with a green (530nm XP-E2) flashlight, it might get close to a usable white. And behold, after some varying light levels I even got 80CRI close to the BBL with a great R9. :slight_smile: . And it shows, when sliding the pink and green hotspots until they overlap all of a sudden a clear and pleasant white appears that gives fine colour contrast. It is not that I do not know that it works like this, but it is much fun to see it happening before your eyes.

Nice! Thanks for all the testing djozz!

Sorry for thread necromancy, but I seriously consider this emitter in an OP reflector Convoy C8+.

Could you please tell me, where this led can be purchased, and point me towards manufacturer spec document?

You could buy them here (choose the golden yellow variant), but I’m not sure about availability of a spec sheet.*imgsrc*\_.webp

It also seems to be available here in smaller quantities:
1 for $1.80

Here are some other amber 5050 leds I found on aliexpress. I know nothing about them, and they are probably not made by Cree.

Juntang 5pcs 6W high power LED CREE XML2 T6 5050 lamp beads golden light 2000k light source ceramic substrate with PCB
5 for $3.22

Juntang 3pcs 10W high power LED CREE XML2 T6 5050 golden 2000K ceramic substrate stage light landscape light light source with PCB
3 for $3.76

RZXLED 10PCS/Lot LED XML 3V 3000MA Phosphor Converted Amber 1800K 2100K 10W 5050 package Yellow595NM
10 for $19.99

Thanks :slight_smile: