Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Being that I have been in chatrooms & forums for years. I watch for highly unlikely stories. Most recently a new member having s giveaway for a J18. Watching the way people talk will tell you everything. Some people thrive on deceiving others… You can say I am insensative. But the ones I expect?? I read to Mrs D…. A few lately has made her crack up. People who frequent light forums become known. Anyone (New)who claims to have thousands of $$$ worth of lights Not sure about the validity of those claims. Just sayin… Just something to think about….

Camera? What’s a camera?

I think I live in constant ‘fear’ of being found out by my own Mrs. We have the ‘open’ system of bills and paying bills…you know where I am heading w this?

Going from average 1 Paypal a month to sometimes 7 a week?!

Last thing I would do is brag about a light, w my luck the Mrs. will finally search the clothes closet, the camping shelf, the car, the truck and realize just because 75% of my lights are black in color, they are many in number and not all the same as she seems to think…

Course, it’s been years since yours truly has stuck his own head into the Mrs. closet - I might be surprised at the number of shoes, etc to be found.

Maybe I should give some away…?!

(a bit off topic, but I couldn’t resist, as I had to beeline the mailbox today, just in case…)

Only thousands? I dropped almost $500 in the last week. I need help :wink:

.edit. whoops I just saw where you said new members.

Yeah I have noticed some questionable post from “new” members. Picked up some weird vibes from a few noobs also. Almost like it was from someone trying to stir the pot per say. Like they where here before under a different username maybe?

20+ posts in the first couple of days since joining remind you of anyone ?

People in denial or with insecurities try to make out their something that their not.

i.e. Aggressive people trying to be tough are almost always very sensitive, or someone who thinks they are always the victim is often very aggressive as they think they are always being attacked, and fail to see themselves as being offensive. Problem is, they often think they can fool people but we all (o.k, maybe not all but many) of us know, and I think they have problems being completely honest with themselves.

Sooner or later they end up burning themselves, and the internet’s probably a good place for them because when they do no-one knows who they are in reality.

sEnD Me 1 mILliOn LuMEns OR tHe MRs fiNDs oUt WhaT yoU hAVE bEEn DOiNg. J)

Yeah, I can think of a few members off the top of my head that made me go hmmm… But what ya gunna do until they show the dark side again? You know … Nz shooter and who ever the last psychopath was was the same. You know that psycho is still here

Dale is absolutely right,some shady characters have shown up lately trying to disturb the forum.I think people with an agenda like this are ridiculous and I'm sure most of this comes from the CPF/BLF feud.I guess it's proceed with caution.

We know who you are talking about, thought the same thing when he said no had no camera, car might also be hard to find to take picture, I only know of one in my town. Here is a video of my car. Just kidding.

Yea there are some weird people on these forums. I think some just talk to hear themself type.

This guy is living proof that zombies walk the earth, lol.
He’s obviously a sad, insecure man with mental health issues!!

Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

A phrase that has served me well in person, but is even more important to remember online.

from V-spec II…. Apparently claiming to be the ‘shooter’ profile recently banned… I cant post it here being that hewas quite upset & used very creative language. I have forwarded his message to admin. I love it when I find the bruise.

Lmao!! Thats AWESOME!!!

So Dale, who are you working for besides CIA and Thrunite? ;)