Things you don’t want to hear

From Ali Express:

“I am sorry that your order is not shipped in time, we will deal with as soon as possible.”

I ordered quite a few items on 11/11.

Beginning of February (!) the seller said the item was never shipped due a “logistical error” and refunded. well…

“We are sorry but we cannot ship to your country at the present time”

The bane of Filipino flashlight enthusiasts when trying to buy li-ion batts.

From anyone:

“Don’t you have enough flaslights already?”

“No parcel for you today, sir” from the postman

“Why do you carry a flashlight?”
“Why do you have so many flashlights?”
“Smartphone flashlights are good enough.”

“You don’t need another flashlight” or “give me a reason you need a $500 flashlight”

Remember that flashlight that you liked so much?

“What’s in this package?”

USPS carrier directly in front of my video camera….
“I can’t believe that I actually delivered both of your parcels, to two different persons, and nothing to you. Do you think it could be my dyslexia”?

I could not make this stuff up, watching the video still gives me the creeps.

My least favourite thing is getting a bill for customs. I don’t mind paying vat and duty but I hate having to pay a handling fee by the courier as well. Amazon and Ebay do a prepay thing for customs that I prefer as there’s no surprises that way.

Your GT still not shipped because of the expensive shipping fees

‘’Please send back this 10$ flashlight to China. If really it doesn’t work, we will repair it or send you a new one…’’

From the Wife “Um, was that light waterproof?”

“Your flashlights are taking up too much space. Let’s move them to the closet.”

Ouch! You’re hitting awful close to home there. That’s where all my firearms went. Is it possible that my flashlights aren’t far behind? :((

Oh hun i just gave a bunch of your lights away . Why ? You have too many laying around.


Good excuse to buy new lights and fix a new shelf :wink:

Shopping for power banks, batteries, lights with included batteries, etc. on from Hawaii: