Thinking of getting a ZL H600W

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I have been reading a lot about different lights and think the ZL H600W might be perfect for me, but I can’t find it in stock anywhere.

I see that the SC600 has gone through 2 or 3 updates, maybe the H600w is being updated? As some seem to have a problem with moisture getting in.

The UF-H6 seems to be similar but it seems to have PWM on lower modes and does not have a NW led option I am aware of.

Any other similar options out there with a side clicky and a NW led?


welcome aboard! and good choice, I love mine…
got some moisture in it only while diving in a pool one evening but it cleared over the night (took out the battery and left the tailcap off)
it’s my favorite light :wink:
you can find it here
here you have a pic of h600w, h6 and st6 nw

Wow the H600w and the h6 look very similar in size. Thanks for the pic!

the ZL looks to be very versatile, could be used for lots of different things.

You know if the spark head band will fit the H600w? I like the third strap the spark has that the ZL is missing.

As yourself I like the ZebraLight H600w. So I ordered it from GoingGear. I also like Marshall’s videos :bigsmile: .
Yeah it’s on backorder, but I like that I’m dealing with an American based business in case there is any issues with the light.

It should be lighter weight than the Spark SD6 (the Neutral White (NW) counterpart) 39g vs. 75g (Spark). And should be a bit brighter than the Spark. Those are the the reasons I choose the ZL.

regarding UF H6, I almost got this, but I think it has PWM on all modes (see post). Pretty noticeable in this video…

And now I like NW or warmer LEDs (see cons), especially working on electrical wires or just reading a book.

ZL H600W vs. H600

Janko: Thanks for the link! I would prefer to buy from a source within my country in case something happens, still nice to know its there if I want it though.

Think I will continue my search to find a H600w stateside unless I find something else i like better but I doubt that will happen.

MRT: The PWM in that vid is nauseating, especially on the low setting . Maybe the camera is making it seem worse then it actually is but still :Sp

Modding the uf-h6 to run the XP-G2 NW with a good driver would be a fun project, but I have never modded a light before so I don’t think it would be a good idea with this light for me to attempt.

No that is a good idea. The UF H6 is cheap.
Someone here could suggest the correct driver size and type and LED star diameter (maybe 12mm?).

pic hyperlinked to NightCrawl’s review

Even if you get into it and can’t get it to work right then you can always send it to Erik (E1320) or vinhnguyen54 (over at CPF) to get it going again, WITH your desired LED tint and amp draw.

Why did I not do this?? :~

mY UFH2 Broke immediately ,, It didn't matter because the PMW was so foul I never would have used the light at all .People have suggested just using it always on high ...To them I suggest they ponyt up for a real light .. and a neutral tint too ..A head lamp IMHO is a tool ..Going cheap to save a buck if it's for work is dumb.I don't need the extra runtime or even a brighter light so the H31 or h51's work well for me .

I have an H600w. It is my most used and favorite light, besides my ZL SC600w :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, 17mm driver and 12mm LED will fit. But you need a driver for soft clickys (DrJones offers those) and some soldering skills, because you wont get the switch out.

It's good to have you here, Blazar!

the camera is making the pwm look worse than in real life, but I wouldn’t change my h600w for h6 (even though it’s so much cheaper)
hke is reliable and I got it in ~two weeks with a tracking number
the spark headband should fit, but it isn’t really needed I think, spark is heavier than zebra

Still cant find one, and now the link :janko gave me is out of them : / But I still want one. Wonder when Zebralight will have more in stock, maybe with a new led :smiley: I gave them a email but have not heard back from them….