this CNC machining left me speechless

i wonder what material is that? it does not sound as aluminum, is there a flashlight that you can not make on this machine?

Smiling the whole time while watching this. AMAZING! do you know what they made? I can not even take a guess at what that part is for.

Nice video. It amazes me what these machines can do and the guys that program them. I wonder if there is someone there into flashlights. I drop into a machine shop on the way to work occasionally and have a look at what they are doing with there CNC mill. The weird and wonderful things they turn out blow me away.

my best guess is that it is a part from landing gear of some aircraft…i could be wrong…however, they started with a workpiece that weighs 3,5 tons(7700lbs) !!! :Sp and the finished part was 67 kg (148lbs) J)

Check out the one where they machine an entire crankshaft…absolutely amazing!

I believe it’s the same machine

Hmm that’s why airplanes are expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was only half interested in clicking to watch but once it started I couldn’t stop watching. Amazing.

it says a part of the Eurofighter fighting plane, I guess it is titanium?


Gotta love that machine shop pron.

I think you’re right. Definitely a landing gear though. The shock absorber/hydraulic piston fits inside of this and a pair of torque arms connect to the housing @ 10:55 to the end of the shock. This same company also makes landing gear for commercial airliners like the 787 and A380. Can you imagine how HUGE those suckers are?!?

Wow, all that titanium shavings are recycled, right?

If not, I’m about to open up my own titanium recycling business RIGHT next door to that CNC machine!

Wow thanks for sharing, amazing machine. I wonder how much a machine like that costs… :open_mouth:

He whole thing was impressive but cutting the gear teeth with the work gear cutting head was [to me] the most impressive part (~9min40sec)

You should see some of the stuff my buddies’ shop does, they have contracts with several transit authorities to make train car couplers / bumpers, raw material is about 3400#, finished piece is ~630#. I’ll see if its ok to post some pic’s.

On a similar topic I have a few pieces of 1 and 1.5” aluminum plate that are corner cuts and other scrap from their water jet that I use for heatsink’s on my test bench.

never seen such a flashlight!!

It could make amazing flashlights, for someone 20 feet tall.

That is a very impressive video, the numbers at the end they messed up though
i wonder how our flashlights are made, i assume through a similar method (using chinese aluminum of course), but what is the actual construction cost of say a Convoy M1?