This headlight good?

I bought a Skyray STL V2 light from Lightmalls but I thought it was a clone and not a very good one at that. After going back and forth about returning it, Lightmalls gave me a $15 credit. So I went on their site and bought something I never had before, an LED headlight. I got it today and it looks cool and works great…

Headlight from Lightmalls

It normally cost $14 but I got it for free. Runs on one 18650 but not the ones I salvage from laptops. It needs an 18650 that has the bump on the + end.

I know next to nothing about headlights but I can think of many uses for it around the house. Anyone have any expericne with this one? Thanks.\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

Even better without those crappy batteries and charger (my charger popped first time I plugged it into mains)

WARNING! The Ultrafire BRC 18650’s have easily got to be the crappiest and most dangerous lithium batteries ever sold. If you have some, please strongly consider disposing of them immediately. Many reports of ruptures and leaks. Get the word out to everyone…

See if anyone posted a review of this:

I am using the Ultrafire BRC 18650 4000 mah batteries. BRC 4000mah

Are you saying those are bad too??

As far as I have read, ALL BRC’s are like time bombs - potentiality waiting to leak, pop or explode. If they were mine, Id discharge them slowly outdoors and then recycle them properly.

+1 battery / charger comments from above. i have done 4/5 emitter swaps on these headlamps. if they have any weakness it would be in the hinge. all but one has broken. there is a .062” brass tube through thin plastic that the head pivots up/down on. the plastic breaks very easily. heres a simple fix. small wooden wedge wrapped in velcro. two small pieces of self adhesive velcro to each side of the light head.

hope this helps

Clever , kevind43

Having tested the ones I got (and got a full refund for!) I’d say they are not great. I’ve charged a couple which I’m using for very light duty but they get a slow charge in a LiPo bag. I certainly would not use them in multi cell configurations or anything pulling much current.

Did anyone here at BLF actually buy this?
20$ seems rather tempting!

joecatch, I believe ilikeflashlights has and likes those headlights like you bought. I would agree though, that their weakness is in their hinges (I don't have one, but have read reports of these issues).


That hinge design sucks, broke on both of mine, will fix them with some glue/epoxy so the spring doesnt pop out and thus the mechanism will keep on functioning well.

Buts its weird, other than that such headlamps are good bang for buck, why such ommission in design?