This hobby damages eyes!

How stupid can a man be?

I hurt my left eye about 1,5 years ago when knotting Paracord. Pulled already heated rope end through a loop and whiplashed my eye.

It still bugs me in the morning.

But today...

I used pliers to cut those 18650 plastic 2 pac battery cases.

SNAP and there was a pretty sharp piece of solder in my right eye.

2mm blob of blood in eye, not too serious. I was able to take that debris out.

At the moment, we have protective glass mandatory at work. I´m a bit pissed to myself.

Now off to doctors, will be posting shortly since public healthcare = waiting anywhere from 1 hour to 25 hours.

Get well soon and get the best treatment you can.

It's all fun and games until you end up explaining why you thought it would be fun to play 'dress like a pirate' every day...

And follow Doc's orders. Seriously. If they tell you to bathe your eye three times a day and keep it bandaged over for the rest of the time, then do it, even if this has to continue for a month and your eye feels better after a week.

Sorry to sound bossy, but I know from experience how tempting it can be to ignore what seems like impractical or over-cautious medical advice, and I'm paying the price for my impatience to this day. Could be worse, but I wish I'd listened at the time.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

Sometimes I think my brother must be half retarded, he never fails to "accidentally" shine flashlights right in peoples eyes.

I'd hate to think what if he was playing with guns.

A true flashaholic rushes to post on BLF about his accident before running out to get medical attention! In all seriousness though, I hope it turns out not to be anything serious and you have a speedy recovery!

You know I was using a Dremel tool just this morning with a grinding wheel. I started using it without safety glasses, but then figured I better put them on because you just never know!


Hehehe, it is not tha serious I think.
I contacted doctor first, not very urgent case but antibiotics are recommended so I’m here.
I always use glasses when using grinders. Usually not when using pliers to cut plastic or making a knot… Funny. Maybe I should.
I believe the small metal chip was solder. It was not stuck too hard.

I will, thanks!
My hearing is not the best because of too many basic punctures, not special treatment as a kid.
Sight is my party-piece, taking it seriously.

I hope everything turns out ok with your eye.

What does "basic punctures" mean?

I don’t know what is the right term.
I mean when the ear drum is just punctured with needle. Several tens of times over years, has some affect in hearing, constant ear infections.

Ruptured eardrum?

Lennart,guessing and Google translating,

LOL, guess that Huffington Post article was right about a dangerous hobby...

Done worse. My folks' house used to suffer from subsidence till the insurance company eventually agreed to pay to fix it (a six figure sum) after several years. Anyway - till the foundations were fixed, their front gate used to jam and needed metal grinding off of it every year or two. So I put the goggles on and do the necessary.

Than like a $^%&& idiot I took the goggles off and rubbed my eyes with hands covered in fine metal dust.

After a 12 hour wait in eye casualty (ER) I had to sit in darkness for a week.

Iron filings rust and sticks to the eyeball and have to be lifted off with a needle. This is not even remotely close to fun.

If you don't trust me on anything else, trust me on this...

Whew... Sounds bad!

Thanks for the cheers everyone, I´m just fine now.

Got some grease or something for eye, not infected or sore at all.