This is a MUST read - Note a MUST, MUST, Must read...OK.

Every person truly should/must read the page linked below IN FULL. And having done so I have no doubts all will recognize that they must share it far and wide right away.

Doing so will in the long term save some lives but more importantly reduce the level of panic that will soon ensue by giving folks positive steps to take. It will also help folks adjust emotionally to what is going to happen such that it doesn’t take them by surprise.

We BudgetLight Forum users span the globe and are therefore in a good position to (no pun intended) spread the light very widely indeed. Let’s get it done.

The page is here.

What is it about?


Yep, I was afraid of this.

The Wuhan coronavirus is spreading quickly, though not everywhere.

I really hope it doesn't get out of hand around where I am.

Fear-mongering gobbledygook, as our head in the sand president would say. Read the article, use the suggestions, and preparation is your friend. Especially what to do if you’re sick & the kids aren’t. This isn’t coronavirus specific. It applies to any infectious disease that you don’t want to spread to your family (are you reading this, wife of mine?). She should change her name to Typhoid Mary. The one time she feels like cooking is when she gets norovirus symptoms

prepare for what? and how? i welcome every concerned member of the COVID panic community to quit their jobs and stay at home.

Stopping the spread is staying in place as close to home as possible.

It's time to severely limit those entering no matter which country you're in.

All countries need to take this very seriously.

All countries must have their border entries monitored.

The spread can be stopped.

People will begin to panic in highly infected areas and try to enter less infected areas uninvited and undetected.

Countries bordering the source country will be most at risk.

Anyone wishing to enter from another region no mater who they are and where they're coming from should be quarantined on arrival,forcibly if needed.

Flying in known cases of infection is a bad idea.It exposes others including medical workers.

Leaders need to grow a backbone and do what is necessary even if politically unpopular to protect their citizens as best as possible.

but in the end it's what we do to protect ourselves that will matter the most.

That article is so poorly written I couldn’t read it to save my life. Maybe you could just say what you want to say VFMaddict?

Is this an effort by the Illuminati to reset the global population so they can increase their power ? :open_mouth:
Lets indulge into some conspiracy theories, just for fun. LOL :smiling_imp:
In all seriousness, for warned is for armed. So do your usual germ prevention daily routines. :wink:

I’m running out of beer and popcorn trying to read all these Chicken Little threads.
Almost as entertaining as the drama in the Neals Gadgets thread.



Send me your laptop and $250 and I’ll clean it for you. And wipe off the clickbait too …

Meanwhile, is there any single new recommendation not already advisable to avoid spreading influenza?

I thought not.

i still don’t see how this is relevant to any tiny, special interest group… [ie this one]


ok - so flashlight hobbyists should SPECIFICALLY ESPECIALLY make MORE of an effort than normal people - i get it

B-Careful. They’re lurking everywhere.


Corona, zombiepocalypse, it’s all the same.

Except this time there won’t be no rolling credits.

Had just sold 1/3 of the stocks in my IRA. Was going to go another 1/3 the last week of Feb. Just missed it. Now I’m on the fence and unsure, but happy that 1/3 is now cash and sold out near the high. Wife works at a hospital, they have done nothing to prepare for this. NO THING at all.

It’s a good link, and a good thing to consider. I have N95 masks, N100 masks, months of freeze dryed food and anything else you might need or wish to have. What I don’t have is good info which you contributed greatly to VFMaddict. Starting to consider my face touching issues now:-)


what about all that panic?

Lets look on another pandemic illness that happens every year, the flu

One of the worst years in recent history season 2017/18

Influenza killed alone in Germany in 12 Months 2017/2018 25,000 people from 82.5 millions
USA 2017/2018 61,000 deaths, 810,00 hospital 45 million infected, population 326 millions
If taken this to China with the same health system we would get 350,000 deaths from 1.4 billion

How many deaths are in China now from Corona?
Is this really a pandemic or just panic?

some hard data from COVID-19

Death rate from infected people
80+ years old 14.8%
70-79 years old 8.0%
60-69 years old 3.6%
50-59 years old 1.3%
40-49 years old 0.4%
30-39 years old 0.2%
20-29 years old 0.2%
10-19 years old 0.2%
0-9 years old no fatalities

Influenza 2017/18 USA
0-4 yrs 0.003%
5-17 yrs 0.007%
18-49 yrs 0.019%
50-64 yrs 0.051%
65+ yrs 0.856%
All ages 0.136%

So looking on COVID-19 is only about 10 times more deadly than influenza, having good preparation against CORVID-19 the fatality should be even or less