This is the Cheapest Thrower P7 I've Seen Thus Far

On ebay for cheapest and also on Manafont…

Should have okay throw and has the inner-charging feature (which I find so handy!)

If that head is actually 65mm as they claim on manafont it could do very well. And an upgrade to XML will boost overall output. But the ebay one says its only 56 mm wide.... Hmm

This might be a very good flashligh but the price seems very high to me, all things considered.

Still, it would have better reach than most P7s which seem to come in smaller reflectors. And no need to upgrade. Not everything needs to become an XM-L. Sometimes I want to own something just for its own uniqueness.

But not for a P7. I guess it’s because they’ve quit making them.

i agree, the price is a bit inflated. arent p7’s suppose to be floody emitters?

Yes, they are floody, but this would be somewhat more throwy (I think). But just take a look at all the P7 lights out there. They are $60-$70. This is $40, perhaps the cheapest I’ve seen. These emitters are just expensive. Even the P60 versions are $30+ easy. So this seems like a good deal (I just don’t own it and can’t vouch for it).

Stoked I got my 501-b p7 for like 10$ shipped lol brand new also!

But that doesn’t have throw at all, and that’s a rare deal.