This is what 2800 ANSI lumens looks like

My new projector

:stuck_out_tongue: Well this is posted in off topic, not really flashlight related.

These video clips were taken today in nearly full daylight in my room, its so bright it makes the white wall look black in comparison.
I can change the settings for night time so it doesn’t light the room up so bright, but at daytime I needed it to be bright so I can watch TV/videos/YouTube or play games with the blinds open.

Its 94 inches diagonally across just on white bricks at the moment, but when I move things around around 177 inches on my other wall and its capable of 300 inches but… I don’t have the distance or a wall big enough.

Change the video to 720p if possible

This doesn’t do it justice, but its the best recording I could do.

Congrats on the kickass projector! They're the way to go... I have an Acer530ph in my bedroom that throws a 100" screen on the wall. It's been going on 5 years and still on the original bulb. It's nowhere near as bright as that cannon you have, but with the shades drawn it gives a real nice picture.

Thanks, I nearly ended up with a crappy projector. I found out it was 200 ANSI lumens but it was advertised as 2600 lumens, Luckily I got a refund before it was posted. Then I went to the city on the weekend and put in a bit extra and got this from a major retail chain instead. I am very happy with it.

Well, it’s not really 2800lum unless on high and white signal. :wink:

I have the viewsonic 8100p; had to get LCD since I need the shift lens flexible placement. It has an iris and superb video processor which more than makes up for lackluster lcd contrast. Bulb life at 3000h out of 4k total and new ones close to 400, ugh. :frowning: