This is what happens when i get bored and start mixing things up, 2D mag and a 502b

So today was a fairly slow day and i had next to nothing to do. Over the BF weekend i got a few of the lowes special 2D LED maglites, and so far, i have been pretty impressed with the amount of throw it can do. of course it throws, but not so much spill or overall power. So naturally I thought what if I had a XML with the mag reflector? i am sure it can do some good throwing. So i went to the lights I have and found my cheap 502b which has a p60 drop in. The drop in it has has a a reflector that can be taken off the pill, and it so happens that the pill fits perfectly into the zooming oval thing (the cam) of the reflector. So now I take the body of the 502 with a battery inside and with contact with the pill/battery/tube of the battery(careful not to short anything out) I have essentially made a very ghetto XML thrower, haha. Its nothing impressive, fairly silly but with some refining i am sure it can be made something half decent XD

WOW! I’d never thought that a P60 would fit inside the cam like that. In the future I see, you’ll have hot-swappable Mag P60 hosts.

Just experimented with a cut up reflector from an incan Mag, it doesn’t fit easily, but if forced can make thread its way in. Time to cut up another reflector and see what I can come up with.

i just tried this with my incan and led mags. the incan cam has a smaller diameter that the led. also, my led was adjusted so the head all the way tight created a nice tight hot spot about perfectly focused…. now after tinkering, i cant get the cam to be adjusted that good again… my GF just called me a looser haha

yea i noticed that every time i put the head back on its adjusted a little different on focus, but doesn’t bother me too much, and yes i only tried it on the newest XPE reflectors