This Is What Happens When You Have A Friend Like Rikr

That looks cool!! It sure is a addicting hobby!!! I don’t think we will ever be satisfied cause they keep coming out with newer brighter lights that we have to have!! But ya gotta love it!! :wink:

I’ve gotta get some of those GID dark ones, like on the left. no, really ( i want to rob the rubber of ’em)

you stuck the best thrower all the way in the back like some ugly kid!

Ok, so its the apocalypse, you have to bug out and can only take two and some cells……which two? :bigsmile:

I forgot a few of my lights that aren’t in the photo. And there is 3 headlamps that you can’t really see in that photo.

As big and impressive as your collection is, I would suspect you have a lot of older, obsolete lights that aren’t on display.

Unless, of course, you’re a lot younger than I thought you were.

I must have dozens of older lights from the “luxeon” era that I have stored away.

You realize, of course, most of the population thinks we’re nuts! :wink:

With a collection like that…. Is it more fun to buy the big high end performance lights? Or purchase the inexpensive lights to see what they do ?

That’s mad. I like it :slight_smile:

My girlfriend thinks I’m mad and I don’t even own 10 lights.

Gawd! I never realized how many I've accumulated until I gathered them all together for Hurricane Sandy preparations, but your! I love it because when the little lady points to my meager collection with disdain all I have to do is show her a pick of yours or of Rick's curio cabinet and all is suddenly good in the world. :p

I still have the 85watt HID coming and Jacob A60. I may just get the TK75 later next week since I no longer have the TK70. And Rick tells me it his his personal favorite. And when you own a 155 or more lights, that pretty much says it all to me.

I have probably bought well over 110 lights over the years if you add up the ones I messed up or given away that I ain’t even counting.

Time to start attending FA (Flashaholics Anonymous)

Mine was close to that but I’ve given away some of the ones i never use

You call that a thrower. LOL! That’s the weakest light I have.

first step at FA, take the two flashlights you absolutely need… set them aside. take all the rest and post them up on BLF giveaways. :santa:

just wondering, do you require these lights with massive throw for work or a specific activity? or is it just more of a gotta have the best thrower possible?

LOL! Nah…that’s still your best. It’s half daylight and that beast is lighting as well or better than any of your others we’ve seen. It’s just a huge monstrosity and that’s why you hide it. :wink:

I call it more bang for your buck. That’s why I like throwers. Don’t get me wrong, I like the good quality smaller lights as well, but when you pay about $100 for a Sunwayman T20CS new(not that I did) but you could have a Sunwayman T40CS for that. It’s a no-brainer which one I would rather have.

You got it.

I still say that light will throw with some of the best especially for the price. That nearly 9” diameter reflector is just hard to beat for throw.