This seems like a great deal, but can it be better?

So you get the basic P60 XML China Special Battery an Charger. (I bought one just cause it was so cheap, compared to spending $40 on a Solarforce L2M with a nicer drop a while back). But now that its come I’m super impressed (for the price and amazon prime shipping) Wanna pick up a few more as gifts. But I gotta ask why cant I find this same deal in a One Mode or possibly 3 mode with a Forward Clicky switch (more important to me). They aren’t absolute deal breakers but it seems like they are so scarce, and even the models that claim 1-mode and 3-mode most of the reviews say they still recieved the same 5-mode light.

Should I look elsewhere or is the 5mode combo listed just the perfect storm of cheap and bright despite annoying modes and backassward tail caps?

PS thanks for your time, but Im afraid to come back an start reading again… it hurts the bank account.

Afraid to say the chargers & batteries they include in flashlight bundles are junk. :frowning: Especially cheap chargers. Just not safe.

Charger and batteries are indeed crap…
My personal experience with a “forbids to invert” charger is good though.
It stops at almost 4.2 Volts, which is the most important.
The batteries may suit your needs.
But once you get ‘real’ batteries (Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, etc…) you don’t want to go back to these anymore.

There are good inexpensive chargers available. No reason to use any junk AC powered chargers. They use the cheapest components they can find that are not safe for AC (post#42). Poor unsafe isolation. Often bad soldering. No proper cc/cv charging profile. More is required from a charger then just hitting 4.2 volts.

Your link is a lousy deal in that you are gifting liability instead of quality with those bogus batteries and charger.
Easy shopping and fast shipping for you but even if you wrap that turd of a combo in a tuxedo, it’s still a turd.

The more you buy of these, the more you will be reminded of just how junkie they are. Yes, it sucks to spend more, but in the long run, you actually save since you’ll end up gifting liability AND replacing dud batteries. They may work for the time being, but beware these sorts of deals. So much junk comes from China.

Do not buy any Ultafire batteries no matter how many reviews and people tell you they "work", batteries are not to be judged so simple as they work or not work. You need good cells for two important reasons, the permanence of your light and for your safety.

Thanks guys :~ I knew the batteries sucked, that’s why I didn’t ask about them.