This triple XP-G2 breaks my heart

I really liked the sound of the worlds smallest 26650 and a triple XP-G2

Then I saw all the wasted space in the head with just 3 small reflectors in it. It truly broke me heart………… :( :( :_(

Do not look at it if you cry easily. Its here. :( :( :_(

The company shaped the torch based on existing optic design to save cost.

you can’t make smallest 26650 with TK75 reflector in it… it wouldn’t be the smallest :wink:

can’t have everything according to the plan :slight_smile:

I wonder why they didn’t just make it a straight tube.

would look better too..

Nobody said u have to buy it :wink:

I could be wrong, but it looks like a nice thick hunk of aluminum around the head… it wouldn’t be as good as something that’s heavily finned, but should be decent for heat capture/dispersion.

btw, those carclo optics are pretty sweet… easy to swap; you can go narrow (never really throwy, though) to wide; and they’ve even got funky ellipticals that spread wide but not high. If you just won the lottery, some dude on the cranky people’s front drills the optics for trits.

Edit… from the pic below this post, it’s clearly not using a carclo 105XX optic… my bad.

There is no deliberate thought, a product available on the market was used that is why the head is wide.

Wow, they did, didn't they. That's just weird. They let a $2 component determine the size of the entire light.

I would think that they could have just as easily built it around a Carclo Triple and made it more compact. The cost would have been the same.


I like it a lot! I dislike most "tube" lights. I like the head flared. Am I in the minority on this one?


I dislike tube designs too. Still going to pass on this one.

I’m with you on that. I like the looks of this light. Wish it was a little cheaper, but I still might buy one. I liked the DQG 18650 light too, but the twist action was flawed on the two I handled and caused poor function. This one being a clicky will hopefully function well.

I try to avoid making any conclusions or to start liking/disliking the light before it's on my hands. :)

I love jumping to conclusions based on a photo. It's a _ugly light.