Thorfire C5 XML2-U2

Thought this light looked interesting and wanted to see if anyone has had any dealings with Thorfire.
The light looks like it has alot of potential, I may order and do a small review but just wanted to check with you guys.
Thorefire C5 XML2

Price is ok, reflector looks great, centering ring sucks.

Looks like a very nice light.

Very nearly identical to the Roche X3 tailcap clicky instead of side switch.

It looks a lot like the FandyFire C108.

Old-Lumens review:

Thanks for the info, for the price it looks really promising. My sons will love it as it has Thor in the name, haha.

I have the FandyFire C108 from DealExtreme.

It's not too shabby. :)

I like the packaging more. LoL.

Ordered, I will compare it to OL’s review, hopefully they made some improvements.

I love the name, and they could have had a great logo with lightning and such.

Best price here;\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

The two I have are branded Fandyfire (not from this buyer) and are both direct drive on high, lots of output for an XML-T6 U2.

But the one in the OP is a good deal if you need the XM-L2.
Looks like it has an Orange Peel reflector.
Nice light for the $

Uniquefire c108 also looks the same. Was a good light

Looks like the light has jumped in price by $10, I am glad I bought it when I did at $17

Wife called and the light is on my desk, I will hopefully get some pictures up tonight