ThorFire C8s UK need review! 20 people needed![UK Only]

Thanks for the interest!

Please fill the form below, we will send one by one till 20.

Form Link:

Product link:

Anyone bother?

This is a good deal for you guys !! This is a great C8!

UK only ? Bugger.

I’ve requested access to edit the form.
Seems odd that you’ve got a form but you’ve locked it down for edit.

maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree. After bashing around on the page it eventually let me submit.

I’ve filled in hundreds of google forms over the last few weeks and none had this issue

I’ll participate, I’ve filled in the form. Thank you.

Nice looking C8.

Early november 2015, around 03:00h UTC, Thorfire announced a giveaway of 30 C8s. One rule: first come first served. I was asleep at that time, as many other Europeans, so I responded that the time was a disadvantage for Europeans. To my surprise I got a PM, with the question if I wanted them to send me a light for a review.
I agreed and now I am waiting for the doorbell to ring :slight_smile:

I would if I was you.

I received the regular ThorFire C8 from the giveaway from a few months ago, it’s a very nice C8, the one I received had a small imperfection in the reflector, but it is still better than the Convoy I just received from LightsCastle.

If I was able to test the C8s I would have filled out that form in a flash.

I filled in the form. You only give your name and email. You also have to answer whether you would be able to do an Amazon review so obviously they want a bit of advertising. Never had a c8 so I would like the opportunity to try this famous light.

I’m not sure whether brand naming/quality is consistent, but I have a Thorfire C8s (purchased from Amazon in US). I’m still definitely new at this, but as I’ve been learning more by reading here, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality of this C8. Square-cut threads on both ends of the tube, very smooth feel to all threads, good O-rings, apparently genuine XM-L2, 1.8A at the tailcap (as measured by stock HF multimeter…), real aluminum reflector with no visible defects. Can’t compare/verify the 900lm claim as it’s the brightest thing I own, but it’s really bright. There’s one annoying ring around the very outside of the spill beam, and the tint is a little cool for my tastes, but those are my only gripes.
In contrast, I’ve been slightly disappointed after seeing the innards of a few other lights (Dorcy 3-LED SLA spotlight, Blackhawk Ally L-2A2, Cree 3xAA Lantern/torch, etc.)

No affiliation with the OP; just trying to say that if this “Thorfire C8s” is about the same as mine, it’s not a piece of junk.

I did. Fingers crossed …

I completed the form a couple of days ago. So what happens next?

Long term lurker. UK based. I actually bought the ThorFire TG06 for my mother a few days ago, and plan on doing my own review. I just filled in the form.

I recently bought a ThorFire TG06 am pleased with it would be nice to try out its big brother and have a go at reviewing it.

I've also completed the form, I'm already an Amazon reviewer and would like to compare this to my other recent acquisitions.

I’ve had a reply from Thorfire with a code to get the light from Amazon but it is no longer listed there. :~

Try the Amazon link in the OP - no longer works.

What now?

Yes, exactly same for me this morning.

I left the original link on open since yesterday, the C8s light is still there but when I refresh the page it says ” “Currently Unavailable”

Well the listing has re-appeared but it’s showing as out of stock. Guess we just have to wait for new stock.

I’ve replied to the email and asked about it so hopefully Thorfire can shed some light on the situation.

Fingers crossed.

Edit. That was very quick, in stock now.

Ordered! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you ThorFire , the C8S (will be delivered tomorrow - Amazon)

Got the email this morning. Was in spam, using Gmail. The code worked fine and I look forward to receiving and reviewing it tomorrow. I look forward to comparing it with my other lights. :slight_smile: Thanks Thorfire.