ThorFire C8s UK need review! 20 people needed![UK Only]

I hardly ever use the account I gave them details for and didnt realise it had its own hidden spam section. Ordered and it’ll be here tomorrow.

What email address did ThorFire send from? People could whitelist it to avoid it being sent to spam.

In gmail:
Place this into the searchbar from:(
Click search
Click the small dropdown arrow
Select “Create filter with this search »”
Checkbox “Never send to Spam”
Click “Create Filter”

Yep, I checked my spam within Gmail and there the email was! It was actually sent from an account.

I’m going to give it a go. It not often (if at all) we get offers like this in the uk.

Code received without any issue here, light should be with me tomorrow (Prime delivery).

edit to add

For some reason I've actually received 2 codes (and only used the one) so if anyone would like to use the second code let me know and I'll forward it on.

I hope this is okay to post, Mandy is from ‘Doeracil’ who are selling the light via She sent me the code this morning.

same email address for mine.

Thank you mines ordered and on its way.

same here, had the "dispatched" email from Amazon about an hour or so ago. Should be in my hands before lunch tomorrow :).

I received an email from Mandy containing a code and link. All went through fine, just had to pay postage £3.99.

Torch should arrive in the next few days.

I’ll give it a go- seems a decent light.

one of the benefits of Prime, free next day delivery ;).

Just add an item costing £4 or more and you get free shipping. :slight_smile: I added a light meter.

I’ve ordered mine, thank you.

i always review my Amazon purchases, it only takes 5 minutes and it can help future purchasers (I often use reviews by others to form an opinion, so like to repay the favour).

Mr Amazon just knocked the door and handed me the torch. 2mins later it was unboxed and being tested.

I’ve got to wait for it to get dark out but the build quality on at £15 light seems pretty good.

I turned it on to strobe mode which was a bit annoying but the memory seems to work well. I’m tied up with work and other stuff at the moment so can’t get the time to read the manual but after flicking through brightness i’ve not accidentally flicked on strobe again which is a big plus!

I’ll do a bigger write up on Amazon but my first impression is I wouldn’t be annoyed if I spent £15 of my own money on this even when I’ve got a pile of other more expensive lights. I’d actually be happy to pay £15 to buy one of these for someone.

Form submitted, we’ll see how it goes. Thanks

Arrives tomorrow.

Hope its a good one.

I love my Thorfire TG06, so it should be.

I've had a PM request for the second code and now sent it on, so no longer available.

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by it. I have bought 4 since July, with discount codes on Amazon. I am patiently (well maybe not) waiting for a discount on the TG06. It looks like it would be nice for EDC
The only problem I’ve had with any, was a loose retaining ring, causing intermittent problems.

I’ve grabbed out a pile of my cheaper lights to compare it to and it is rather impressive. Unfortunately I only have one modern “1000lumen” light to compare it to at the moment. The rest are either throwers or being lent out. I have a couple of older 900/1200 lumen lights and it obliterates them indoors. I’ll wait for the dark to do a test