Thorfire C8s

I have a question for anyone that’s familiar with the C8s. I have bought a few of these in the past year (4), and have always used an 18650 for power. I recall, though I don’t remember why, that these could also use 2 A123’s. I’ve looked through the websites, and have not found a reference to using the A123.
The reason I ask, is I would like to give one to a young man for his 16th birthday. I would like to lead him towards Lion, but prefer to just give him a light I have no fear of being misused. I actually have everything to set him up with Lion, and might still, but would rather just give him a light that works, for now.
These are all the older model (last year, and early this year), 4 mode, screw in pill. Not the newer version, with integrated shelf, although I think the driver is the same.
The lights I have, have all been modded with different drivers and leds, for personal pleasure :smiley: , but I’ve saved the original drivers for future use. I never really thought about using them with primary’s.

BTW, his birthday is tomorrow, and I’m pressed for time, since I practically have Alzheimers, and forgot.


Maybe I’ve understood the wrong question, but the manual of my C8s says: “Two 3V CR123A Batteries are Usable”

Maybe i should read my manual :person_facepalming:

I’m of the opinion that 2 cr123’s are more dangerous than one 18650.

I didn’t realize A123 were all Lithium, never used them. I have a good LiitoKala single charger and a protected 18650, and my drivers all have lvp. I should just impress upon him the dangers of lithium batteries, if they’re mistreated, and show him this picture to make it stick.

He’s a smart kid, He’ll get it.

I don’t see any real danger with a good quality protected 18650.

Doesn’t Thorfire C8s have battery low voltage warning/protection?

Yes it does. I don’t know if they shut off. I do know they go to moonlight, or at least low, and blink at 3v. Never went further than that.
I think with the stock driver, a good protected battery, and a decent charger (that he can use to charge his phone, lol), and a little information, he’ll be fine.
I look forward to camping this weekend, so he can show up his grandpa (cheap c8 I bought as an add on item from Amazon). Maybe I’ll create another flashaholic.

I concur. Among other variables -> with two cells there is risk of reverse charging one of the cells during usage. A big no-no w/ liion cells.


Reverse-charging is a problem.

The FBI blames counterfeit CR123s, but warns

> purportedly by “The FBI”

Do you think that’s a fake attribution?
The FBI does not take questions at the website, so I can’t check that for you.

But if someone is faking documents claiming they’re from the FBI, they’d probably like to know that.

If it’s a fake, someone has fooled a lot of people and organizations, e.g.

Has anyone debunked that report, that you’re aware of?

> one gram of lithium metal

Lithium metal is not the concern as I read all the descriptions, it’s gas overpressure from reverse charging, in counterfeit/poorly made cells.

I don’t have an opinion on this.
All I have is what I can find to read.

I’ve asked one of the agencies that quoted the story if they can verify the source. Time will tell.