ThorFire JM07 (Shadow Clone??) $9.99 @Amazon

ThorFire JM07 26650

Looks like the original, I ordered two and received shipping notifications so somethings coming.If it is close to the original or as good as the ThorFire C8 then its a great deal.

Wow, looks like a fantastic bargain

I was looking at this yesterday. Indeed, it looks like a good deal. Looking forward to your review.

I love the Thorfire C8… but 18650 batteries means it can’t take “3x AAA” when away camping…

A 26650 version would be perfection.

1x18650, 1x26650, 2xCR123a or 3xAAA would give us great versatility.

It does look just like the Shadow flashlight…

That’s not a bad thing though - I love Shadow flashlights…

Hope it comes to the UK!

I am thinking that they are selling some at a low price in order to get some good reviews. It's likely hard to sell a 26650 light on Amazon to regular people.

Ordered one. (almost) FREE shipping. Due in 3 weeks. Let’s wait and see.

ditto. I ALMOST bought 1 but thought then it would be destined to be placed aside by me. It looks like it would make a good host though. Nevertheless thx to OP for pointing this light out. Good deal.

I ordered 2 about a week ago. Was waiting to see when anyone noticed the price. Mine should be here sometime this week. I’ll update when it comes

Looking forward to reviews. That is awesome price considering Thorfire quality.

If nothing else, the removable driver and all… It will make a good host. I like this style of light, it will still fit a back pocket and has the option for good battery capacity as well. I hope it has good range like the UF-2200. To me these are a modern mag-lite.

I waited till mine shipped before I said something.

Didn't want to jinx it.

Shipping from China?

Thanks for the heads up! 8)

Anyone want to take bets to see how long they last now that the cats out of the bag

Ordered. A better quality F13 basically w/e-switch - nice! This is an old light, reviews here under the Shadow name:,

I'm sure this cheap price is more about clearance. 2012 was the first side switch version, than in 2013 a styling change to basically this unit.

It’s coming up as £7.99 including shipping to UK (at Amazon’s exchange rate). Nice find, very tempted……

Given the estimated delivery time it looks like it is coming direct from China.

Yes it is with tracking #

Not long… 8 9 10 sold in the last 15 minutes. :slight_smile:

Camelcamelcamel has it listed at $20.99 before a couple weeks ago.

Oh and ordered…

16 left!