ThorFire Mother's Day Giveaway(Three winners are announced)

Mother's Day is coming, together with ThorFire's Giveaway!!

Leave blessing words to your dear mother in this stread, you gotta a chance to win a ThorFire VG15S flashlight.

If you would like to share story of your great mom, we are on all ears to listen.

Notice: Three winners will be chosen randomly and announced here on May 18th 2017.

Three Winners are: Lexel, Dave G,cdjaney; Please PM me to get a ThorFire VG15S flashlight. Thanks.

Well, my mom is not here anymore, but I remember her doing the laundry all day (5 children) and making lot’s of tea and cooking horrible meals. Even though my brother was tiranising the family, she loved everyone of her children just as dearly. (btw, he’s a great guy nowadays).

My older brother is 13 years older than me, and when I was a kid, he treated me poorly...

So my mom kicked him out of the house!

Now he's a good guy, but I can't say the same for his wife or his mother-in-law.

(No one said the story had to be happy.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Oh well, what can I say, but my mother was a great enabler, up to a fault, but in hindsight, no one can ever duplicate her love and care for all 5 of us, and even to people not her children!

Mom is and always has been a giving person. She gives til it hurts her sometimes, but she never stops helping others, especially her family. Plus she’s got the energy of the Energizer bunny to do so much!

Third easterday 2003 my mother had yet another stroke. This one kept her in medical care till the day she passed away. Before that day she was a caring person, always trying to make life of her 5 children as nice as possible. Giving us the best education possible. And if needed, defending us with the same effort as a bear defending her cubs. There were no favorites, everything was split up in five. Of course there was something she wanted in return. We all know the mandatory trips on christmas days. Even those days I miss her.

My mother was a strict disciplinarian, but she loved us much and still loves to give us gifts and she even sends handwritten letters to her children (and probably others) just to give words of encouragement. I live several states away from her now and don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.

My mum took me to tennis lessons 4 times a week for a decade, what a legend

When I was still studying and couldn’t afford to buy my own favorite flashlights, my Mom sponsored me!

Happy Mother’s day to all the great Moms in the world!

God bless our mothers, for without them we would not be.
Thanks for the giveaway Thorfire!

God bless our mothers, for without them we would not be.
Thanks for the giveaway Thorfire!

A lot of good memories of her. Very hard to choose one.
I remember her at the beach constantly watching us when swimming
I remember her making our breakfast before school
I remember her playing with us
I remember her singing
I remember……………….

I don’t even know where to begin……
My mother has always been an encourager. To this day, at my 40+ years, she still hand writes cards or notes occasionally to tell me how proud she is of the man I’ve become (despite my feelings of occasional failure or inadequacy). She loves myself and my family with her words and her actions….always looking to cook and serve us when we visit her….and she is a good cook in my humble opinion. She is ever the peacemaker in the family always seeking to avoid and/or resolve conflict….praying for her children and other family. She laughs easily at my sometimes corny humor and loves to laugh in general.
Love her deeply.
Thank you mom!

My mom went to work full time as a ganitor at the age of 54 just to support my family as I continue to battle illness going back 8 years now. It was a great challenge for her in many ways. Honestly, I didn’t think she would make it long but I underestimated her strength. Then,last year she fought through cancer. She isn’t the same, but she made it through. And of course she went back to work for my benifit. She deserves only the highest praises!

I have lots of great memories of my mom, and lessons learned. I’m very thankful to still have her around. She’s not perfect, but there has always been unconditional love and support. Thanks mom!

Eight years since I held my mam’s hand as she passed away. I miss everything about her but cherish the memories of her.

Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mom’s in the world!

I remember apple pie in the oven ...Dad off to war and mom by the fire sewing stars on a flag .

Mom has upgarded from a free coast aaa light to a red KD Buckle v6 and is still sad about losing her green Thrunite ti. She uses a flashlight every night .. by definition "any woman who uses and enjoys a flashlight a good woman "..She's a good mom too.

Happy mothers-day !

I’m so thankful and inspired by my mom who single-handedly ran a business and put my brother and I through college. Thanks to ThorFire and my mom!