Thorfire PF04

Here is my review of the Thorfire PF04 2*AAA penlight.

The penlight comes in the usual Thorfire packaging. A black plastic envelope with a very well padded cardboard box.
The package contains an instruction booklet, a business card and a spare o ring.


I stated by taking it apart in a non destructive way as I didn’t want to do any damage before the review was even started.

The pill is partially potted on a brass pill which is screwed in so I didn’t strip down to a component level.

Here is the 12mm aluminium reflector

The pocket clip is also nice, not a deep carry one as some prefer but it is perfect for a shirt pocket or even a jeans pocket, not too loose or tight and easy to use without looking.

Here is how it looks next to some well known flashlights
Left to right we have the Blf A6, Thorfire PF04, Thorfire VG15 and the Blf X6 SE.

With 2 fresh AAA batteries, I was pleasantly surprised with the output from the XP-G2 R5.
Moonmode is very low, I would say it is half the output of the Blf A6 moon mode. There is no noise from the driver and no pwm in any mode when checked with a camera.

The mode arrangement will be unfamiliar to a lot of us here, moon, high, medium.
The mode’s are not a choice I would pick but for the market this is probably aimed at, moon is likely the best mode to start in.

So how does the tint look I hear you ask. Pure white when viewed on its own but a slight touch of green when viewed side by side with a few other flashlights. For comparison, I have used the 3A and the 5D tints of the Blf A6

This is mode 2 of 7 on the A6 and high on the PF04

Close up of the clip and knurling

So there it is, the latest offering from an ever increasing Thorfire range.
Good output for its size with a safe, easy to find battery choice with no pwm that I could detect.

The mode arrangement may put some off but overall, a good little flashlight with an ar coated lens and a smooth reflector to make the most of the light output. Thorfire appear to be doing their market research so I’m sure there is a very good reason behind their mode choice.

Unfortunately, I don’t own any li ion batteries in this size format so I could only test with AAA batteries.

Here is a link to their Amazon store,
Thorfire PF04

Isn’t it 2xAAA?

Good catch, it is indeed AAA, been a long day sorry.