Thorfire S70S for $28??

Don’t you think a scammer still gets money in (not earning of course :wink: ) if not all “buyers/victims” makea case out of it?
Now in this case, IDK how low the price of a S70S was on Taobao but the lights I did see on there had really low prices so ~25% lower then the previous lowest price seems feasible.
The S70 that Ebay had a while back (going for $20) were not shipped and if I recall correctly all got money back

Oh, that´s good to hear.

I´ve received the shipping notification too. One strange things is that almost all their listing have a similar pricing range. 27 to 28 U$S. :open_mouth:

Sent a messaje to vendor this morning regarding tracking info (UNNCC). No answer yet. :frowning:

The price is back up on the website now. If you guys end up getting it at that price, it’s a steal. Possible that it was a price mistake or something too. Or maybe they just weren’t selling.

This upgraded versin still have a timed stepdown?

I hope for the best for all those who placed orders but this seems like a classic “just launched” scam. In any case, Amazon should step in, but please notify your card issuers if things go awry.

yes, for the S version it is 5 minutes instead of 3 for the non S

Yesterday I had a chat with Costumer service of Amazon, they look at the seller profile and said “it looks fishy” but suggested to wait a few days more and then place the reclamation. We are covered by them.

That’s good to hear.

$28 ?
Was selling for $11.72 ($5.99 + $5.73 ship).
Nobody got it.
Seller got 15+ zero rating.

Store answered “package is already shipped and delivery will take around two weeks.” They evaded to respond about the fishy tracking info.

Thanks Miller :THUMBS-UP:

Have video rolling when you open that package. I’m sure you’ll get something, but if it’s the old scam, it’ll be a worthless trinket inside instead of your flashlight.

Something tells me this deal is real. Isn’t the seller named Miranda?

$64.99 now.

New seller account recently launched that’s selling it for a similar price. Suspicious?

You giving us our Miranda warnings? :smiley:

The TF lady here calls herself Miranda. Don’t know if it’s the same person or not

Somebody recieved the light?

When it was on Ali last month you could get it for $28 by stacking all of the offers. This included downloading the app (presumably using it for the first time). I half regret not doing it, but the light would mostly be sitting around and not getting much use. That goes against my general approach.