Thorfire S70S. Quick look at my new light

I know, there have been several reviews and posts about the upgraded S70S. I never owned an S70 so I have nothing to compare the differences, for that matter, never owned any 2x26650 lights. I do know that I really like this light. The machining and anodizing is nice and clean, and total weight with batteries is 28.2oz (800g)

I’m using the iJoy 30A 26650 (reviewed here), with a blob of solder so they make contact with each other.

The UI is very simple. One click of the tail switch puts it standby mode and lights up the side switch button

If you hold down the side switch, it goes into a 1 lumen moonlight mode. One more click turns the light back into standby. As far as I’m concerned, that’s plenty low for a big light like this.

A single click while in standby puts the light into Low (65lm), Med (320lm), High (1800lm), Turbo (3960lm). A double click from anywhere (while on standby), activates the 1800lm strobe. To me, it’s not easy to accidentally click into turbo since the button is somewhat stiff. Someone with a nervous clicky thumb might accidentally select it, but it can be deselected just as easy. As long as you just normally click through the modes, you won’t select it. All modes except moonlight and strobe are memorized.

After 5 minutes in Turbo, the light steps down to the high mode. Heat management seems really good. I was out on the golf course last night for about a half hour shining it around an taking some pictures, mostly in turbo. The light got warm but never hot. Was around 50°F (10C), so it wasn’t real cold outside.

There was a lot of moisture in the air and the grass on the golf course was wet. This light seems to have a 6500k XHP70 emitter which shows by reflecting off the moisture in the air. I plan on changing it out to a 5000k XHP70 N4 3C, or possibly a 4000k XHP70 M4 40H which should cut through the air better. Anyway, heres a few beam shots.

According to google maps, it’s 425m to the end of this road, which is where those furthest street lights are

And the furthest trees lit up are 350m

A random shot through the trees to the other side of the fairway

I like this light, it’s a keeper

That is what i would call, a serious flashlight :slight_smile:
One day, when i can’t resist myself, maybe…
My only problem is my wife thinks i already have enough flashlights…

You have to convince your wife, the day the zombies attack, she will be glad you have 50 flashlights, 80 batteries and 5 chargers :smiley:

Is there a Jealousy button? I only see Rude and Mark as Spam.


Nice to hear the confidence of a 26650x2xXHP70 virgin about it’s first experience! I can understand. Those big and powerful lights do feel like serious hardware to have in hand at night. :wink:

Problem is unless you’re in the desert, every time you turn it on, it’s likely someone will report some UFO activities in your vicinity. :person_facepalming:

Wow i dont know if I’m more surprised about the light or that you used meters for distance lol You have been spending far to much time in Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

Or France! Google maps is in meters with the measuring tool. I wish the US would switch to the metric system anyway. I have to have two sets of tools!

You can’t spend too much time in France :innocent:

X3 :smiley:


nice pics!

Is it possible to go from switched off directly into full power/turbo mode?

From what I understand it has a memory so it will switch to the last used mode when switched on, ie direct to turbo mode only if that was the last mode used?

Yes, the light will come on in turbo if that is your last mode you were on when you shut the light off.

You have to switch on the light into standby mode by clicking the tail switch, then one click of the side switch and you are in turbo. The tail switch locks out the light.

OK…Does this mean there will be 4 separate zombie attacks coming ?

OK…Does this mean there will be 4 separate zombie attacks coming ?


Thanks for the review. I like that they removed the flat sides on the grip. Well, looks like they did from the pics anyway.

You’re right, didn’t think about that. Battery tube is perfectly round, no flat sides. Better looking and one less process in machining

Great review … Nice upgrades on the S70S. I bought one today.

Many Thanks

Thank you. I think you will enjoy it

Very good info. Thanks.

I have a Convoy L6 which is pretty much the same……but let’s say I had a momentary lapse in restraint….and wanted one of these……who has the best deal right now? :person_facepalming: