Thorfire TK15S Review

I was asked by Thorfire if I would like to do a review of the TK15S.

This was due mainly to Amazon opening here in Australia and Thorfire being one of their first business partners for Flashlights through the Australian store.

I am not affiliated with Thorfire in any way.

I know this light has already been reviewed quite heavily on BLF and there are some excellent reviews by some experienced members, so I won’t go into the detailed specifics, but thought I would at least share my experience and thoughts on the light.

I am not a modder or have all the tools to measure the specs anyway, so this is probably more for the general users or collectors (like me).

Due to the current exchange rate, it is difficult for us Australian’s (and probably other parts of the world) to get good lights at decent prices and the term “budget” is not what it was when I first got into this hobby a few years ago. These days, cheap prices generally mean cheap and nasty lights both with the build and led’s used (or it’s a scam). There are however some exceptions and it is hard to find them and it is why the members at BLF are invaluable.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the delivery. It took only 3 days. When I purchased it, Amazon informed me it would be approx. 3 weeks to arrive. It also came from an Australian location. I assumed by the initial delivery period it would be coming from China. This would indicate that Amazon has stock in the warehouse and it was great not to go through the “waiting period” until your new toy arrives J.

Anyway, enough of my rambling – about the light.

The light came in a nice branded box. Inclusions were basic, being a couple of replacement O-rings, a Clip and Manual but no lanyard. The manual I received is in English, written well and explains the lights functions in detail.

There was no damage to the light, the anodizing seems well done, square cut lubed threads with O-rings at both ends and the lazer printing is well done and shows brand, model and the normal heat warning sign at the head.

The XP L-2 was well centred. I also like that this LED was more neutral to some others I have. I generally don’t purchase neutral white lights, but this light is still very bright without having a bluish white tinge.

Lens seems to have anti-reflective coating. Smooth reflector is very good with it being deeper than a Convoy S2. It’s not really a flooder or a thrower, but more for general purpose.

Springs are at both ends and it has accepted all the 18650’s I have thrown at it, both protected and unprotected no problems, with no rattle when using unprotected cells.

The clip is very strong and reversible and will stay put on anything you attach it to. Being a tube light, it is also used to prevent roll, if the light was dropped.

The tail switch is for turning the light on or off and can also be used for momentary on, in high, with a half press, which I like. There are 4 dimming modes controlled by the side switch (Moon to high) that continue to cycle through. There is also mode memory. I wouldn’t call it a true “Moon” mode. While I have not measured it, it seems higher that other lights I have with Moon mode. I would say maybe 5 lumens.

There are also two hidden strobes by double clicking the side switch.

The light does get hot on high but not uncomfortably so.

Light does tail stand.

There are only 2 Cons I find with this light –

· Having both an end switch and a side switch, it is longer than most tube lights meaning that it’s not easily hidden in your pocket.

· The side switch is very hard to find in the dark. It is well protected from accidental turn on, but no real identifier as to where it is. This would be even more of a problem if wearing gloves. Luckily you can at least turn it on with the end switch.

I have compared this light with a couple of others of similar size and value. The BLF A6 and Convoy S2, both only having a rear switch.

Overall, this is a great general purpose light and while not cheap like Convoy, it is not expensive either. It is very well built and still in what I would call the “budget” segment.

I haven’t read of any problems from other owners, so it will also give some of the other higher end manufacturers, a run for their money in the reliability stakes, at a considerable reduction in price.

Well done Thorfire !

I am about to review a TK15S that I have had for a few months, it’s one of my favourite EDC lights.

If you rotate the pocket clip to line up with the e-switch it makes it easy to find even with gloves.

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Pics are showing up fine for me. I don’t have this light but I have the regular TK15 and love it. The build quality on these ThorFire tube lights are great and the UI on them is very intuitive. Great mode spacing. A nice inexpensive EDC.