Thorfire VG-10 triple, quadruple mod?

Hey BLF, with a handful of vg10s coming in from the sales, I figure it would be nice to make a triple but am not sure if the required materials (spacer in particular,) are available. All I know up to now is that the reflector is P60 sized, ie 26mm wide, and the shelf can accommodate a 20 mm star. I don’t know if spacers from mtnelectronics, for the convoy lights would work or not.

Any ideas?

I believe it should be very similar to the M1 or M2 spacer made by kiriba, the S2+ spacers are tiny in comparison I don’t think their going to work. I can try my M1 quad spacer on the VG10 when it arrives and let you know.

Didn’t even know about those spacers. Thanks. Looking. $11 per heatsink plus shipping. :confused:

Well yeah, more expensive than the light itself :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I’m leaving mine stock, maybe a simple led swap.

Decided to go the FET+7135/ XPL route as the gifts. Will figure out a multi emitter mod when it gets a little cheaper to do. I do hope if anyone does a mod, they’ll post here. Thanks.

I’ll do a XP-L W2 / FET+1 mod as well, also noticed the centering ring is way too tall and it may be blocking good amount of output.

By the way it’s constructed I realized the VG10 is not a thorfire design, I believe the original light was a much more expensive and premium product. The build quality is just amazing and it even comes with tactical ring, spare switch, rubber boot and glass! All that for $7.99 shipped, crazy.

M2 quad spacer is too long for the VG10.
X5 is a possibility in OAL but hard to tell because the lower area of the spacer does not fit all the way into the head. IIRC my measurements overall with the X5 stack came up OK. You also have the area around the optic, as the bezel does not cover the gap.

will, I cut shorter the inner XML ring (with no resulting problems,) then sanded down the thickness of the ring and ended up with the reflector not putting any pressure on the star, so took out the O ring from around the reflector and put it between the window and bezel. Now, the reflector properly presses down on the star, but, there is a big gap (1mm) between the bezel and head… lol. My go to mod is to file/ sand down the head so the bezel screws in lower, but being such a pretty light, I haven’t done that as yet. :zipper_mouth_face:

(Haven’t checked for hidden notes under the star yet. lol.)

Thanks vwpieces! The heatsinking of this light is great and I’ll be using one of mine to host an xhp35 eventually. At the moment the LED is in a crap host being powered by one of those XL6009 boost converters and a 2S pack. Max current is about 1600mA but the driver is terribly inefficient because the inductor and IC heat up big time! lol.


I don’t have this light, but in the past, I have made my own spacers for triples by using copper tubing, cut to the same length. The emitter board sits on one end and I solder a driver (somehow) to the other end.

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Does anyone have measurements for the spacer required for a quad mod in a VG10 version 2? Assuming DTP mcpcb with 1.5mm thickness and standard Carclo optics height (edit: using light including standard height AR lens).

Too many variations in the VG10 to answer that. Version 2 really don’t describe anything.
you will have to measure the total height of the stock MCPCB, spacer and reflector. You can omit the lens as it will be reused.
Just measure the height of the carclo installed on the triple/quad MCPCB and subtract from the total of the stock parts. You will get the spacer height.

Looks great