Thorfire VG15 Xm L2 tube light review

Today, I received the Thorfire VG15 provided by Thorfire for review. This is my first review.

The flashlight comes in a cardboard box with a lanyard, spare tailcap plunger, spare o rings, spare lens, spare led centering ring and a wrist strap.

The flashlight is listed as 1.6 lumens to 800 lumens across 4 modes with a hidden strobe mode.
With 3 seperate batteries tested, in order of a generic blue laptop pull, Efest Imr 30A and a Sony VTC4, amp draw at the tailcap was as follow’s

Moon 0.00/0.00/0.00
Low 0.25/0.3/0.33
Medium 0.82/0.96/1.11
High 2.04/2.63/3.05

The driver is 17mm with a brass retaining ring and the tailcap switch is an Omten switch with a brass retaining ring. There appears to be a light ar coating on the glass lens. The reflector is a light OP reflector. I don’t have the tools to remove the front bezel to get into the led. Square cut threads both top and bottom, lubed threads, tailstands if required and the crenalated bezel makes sure that you don’t set it down and forget it is on.

All in, a nice little edc flashlight with a fairly tight pocket clip, nice ano, good modes and ok output for its size.
Thorfire are starting to get some good reviews for good reasons. They are a fairly new company to BLF but I hope they continue to stick around and it will be good to see how their flashlight range expands over time.
Keep the quality at a high standard Thorfire and I think you will start to see some more customers here at BLF.

While doing the teardown, some of the components looked familiar. I decided to do a size comparison next to the much loved Blf X6 SE. The Omten switched tailcap of the Thorfire works on the X6. The battery tube of the X6 fits the Thorfire. The thorfire tube doesn’t fit the X6 though.The pocket clip and rear tailcap are pretty much identical.

Review complete with a nice little surprise at the end

Nice review! Can you detect any signs of pwm?


Pwm is detectable via camera on moon, low and medium, nothing on high

Nice review and was looking forward to these seeing these VG15 pop up. Nice lego goin on too. Can you hear any low freq noise thru the modes?

No noise in any mode and I am pretty susceptible to it.
It lives on my bedside table now, moon mode is great for getting up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom etc.
I have an old generic laptop pull in it and it is perfectly happy.
I don’t have internet at the moment so had to do the review/pics on the phone or else I would have done beam shots comparing to some of my other lights.

good to know there is no low feq noise, again another great quality built light from the guys at thorfire. From looking at it more with your review I think it’s more a cousin to the s8 I got recently, possibly similar beam profiles. this ones on my incoming lights list

Its my first orange peel light and I quite like it. It is what I reach for every night when getting out of bed.

I still haven’t been able to get the front bezel ring off to check out the emitter/reflector, I think its just very tight or else why would they send a spare lens but I don’t have a strap wrench, I don’t want to damage it and a towel just ain’t doing it.
I should just leave well alone but the tinkerer inside me wants to have a look inside.

Thanks for the review. How is the beam pattern? I would love to see beam pics if possible.

Pic taken with phone, the rings aren’t as noticeable by eye. Pic taken on full power so no pwm, can’t set manual settings on this phone.

Thanks for the image, that’s a nice smooth beam pattern.

I metered the image from a darker part otherwise it was just a large ball of light so the brightness isn’t accurate

Try some rubber gloves, like the garden ones.
If you can’t twist it with hands in gloves, still wrap the rubber around the bezel and then use pliers.
It worked for me a couple times after I was about to give up.

Nice looking light, thanks for the review.