What do the members reckon on this 2 x 18650 zoomable, advertised as a single XM-L T6 for £5.99 or USD $8.50 delivered light.
Obviously the 4,000 lumens is massively optimistic :smiley:
But very very cheap possibly suitable for modding ?

do you have a name, link or pictures?


“Supper bright” :smiley:

Obviously you can probably knock a zero off the claimed 4,200 lumens :smiley:
But was just wondering what any knowledgeable members thoughts were on it for the price.
I am more into cells, chargers, power banks etc than lights.
Although I have 6 head lamps & about 8-10 cheap Chinese lights I have never modded anything.

It looks like the same head as the infamous G700
I got a cheap Zoomie that has the same head and the whole light is easy to disassemble thus mod.

I already have 2 single cell versions of this zoomable light that cost about £5 each delivered & are marked Ultrafire XM-L T6.
As stock would the 2 cell version just have the same lumens but about double the run time ?

That’s correct

What would be the easiest/simplest mods for a complete modding novice to do to this 2 cell light that would give noticeable improvements in performance ?

Led swap to a noctigon. Dedome and driver change

Edit: u can get a dedomed noctigon frm mtn electronics. The driver too. Then bypass the springs. :wink:

Asking about using two li-ion cells in series, too.

Not a good entry into the hobby, if you don’t mind one person’s opinion.

You have to know when not to inhale, before you get too deeply involved in this sort of thing.

What performance improvements will those mods give please ?
I am guessing that this cheap light has no cell over discharge protection or even flashes when the cells are low so protected cells will be needed ?

Actually I have been using 18650 li-ions for a number of years in various applications but have just never done any modding as I have always run my about 15 in number lights stock .
I have upwards of 30 good quality cells, Nitecore D4 , Liitokala Engineer 500 & Liitokala 100 chargers, Amprobe 500 DMM & am pretty conversant with using Li-ion chemistries safely thank you very much.

This light is a 2 cell version of the ultrafire e17. I have the 26650 version, unfortunately most have hollow pills. The Zuesray is a nice light for $8 US. A dedome does wonders for a zoomie, gets rid of the blue harsh light and doubles the throw. What batteries are you using?

As in my previous post I guess protected will be needed.
The only protected 18650”s I have are Keeppower 18650 26f protected 2,600 mah which are based on Samsung ICR”s.
I have more powerful cells but they are not protected.

That’s good to know. Are you already using other 2-cell lights? How do you balance the cells?

I don”t know if this is an attempt to make me look like a fool or not :frowning:
In my 2 cell lights I use matched pairs of cells.
I charge them then discharge them to check capacity then charge again & check voltages regulary with a DMM both before & after charging.
However my present 2 cell lights use the cells in parallel not series but surely if I used a matched pair of protected cells I should be ok ?

BTW how do you balance your cells in 2 cell lights ?

Led, driver, and spring bypass is pretty much a complete overhaul. You can make a flashlight do pretty much whatever you want with that.

If it has a fake LED stock, which is pretty common these days, the sky is the limit for the improvement mods to be made. The limiting issue will be the probable hollow pill.

I've got 2 of these from back when fake led's weren't really a thing. At $8usd it's okay. Hollow pill, low drive current, rough threads.

It’s my risk looking foolish by asking a new member of the forum whether he’s aware of the added risk using li-ion cells in series.
Some of us lean toward an abundance of caution about this. No offense meant to you.

I don’t use li-ion or lithium primary cells in series. When I did, I did it the way you do it — carefully.
Thanks for spelling it out.

Nobody has yet caught me wearing both a belt and suspenders, despite what you may hear I’ve said about precautions (grin).