thread for appreciation of OLD LUMENS

I really appreciate your Youtube videos, they’ve been extremely helpful.

Thanks for all your work! :slight_smile:

He ain’t too shabby for a grumpy ole codger… :party:

There are SO many great contributors here on BLF…Old Lumens, Gords, Tom E., ComfyChair, the list goes on…we’re truly blessed with intelligent, resourceful, creative people who share their experience and expertise on a daily basis and to those folks I say “THANK YOU!”


Cheers David

Yes and from me as well. I’ve not been a member for long but Old Lumens is one of the reasons that I’ve stayed posting. You can’t put a value high enough on people like him.

Cheers!! OL has made great contribution to BLF!

he is the best in the west and kind of a neighbor

Aren’t all Texans rebel rousers?


It his fault I’ve inflicted myself on you. Researching high voltage mods with nanjg drivers brought me to the master slave mod with Techjunkie and exposed me to the magmods by JohnnyMac, Match, and OL. One of my favourite lights is a Nichia fueled Minimag with OL’s special touch of file work. No member I know of spends as much time and effort doing mods, posting about them, and giving stuff away.

+ 1 to every thing said so far.

Thank you, Old-Lumens! 8)

I haven’t been here that long, but in this little bit of time I have been here I already have seen that this guy is really amazing.
Very generous, very helpful, full of wisdom.
He’s a real asset to this forum!

OL, it’s folks like you the almost magically transform a place like this from a forum of information to an online community of friends.

The high price of copper these days is totally due to shortages caused by Justin’s profligate use of the material…

The last part’s just reserved for his critics :wink: !

Indeed, thanks Justin…for the inspiration. You show us how to accomplish great feets with your fingers, how putting your mind to it still manages to get it done, and how being forgetful can be creative.

Yeah, I’m razzing ya just a bit, but you truly ARE an inspiration!

The challenge to duplicate, in some small part, what you do all the time has led me to spend a small fortune learn to mod my own lights with great satisfaction.

Thank You!

I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creativity in action. Finding solutions and developing techniques to make your works of art. What you do with the tools at your disposal amazes me almost as much as your generosity.

We are very lucky to have you in this community.

I raise my glass to you sir!