Thread: [Review] - Rofis MR50 - XHP50.2, 2500 lumen, bidirectional USB - by Lock

This review is dedicated to the Rofis MR50, a linear Multifunctional flashlight with a bidirectional USB port, powered by the new 21700 battery format and equipped with a Cree XHP50.2 LED capable of delivering 2500 lumens to the Turbo.

The MR50 was provided by the Amazon BanTac store specifically for the review and can be purchased at the following link: Here

Main Features

  • The light utilizes Cree LED XHP50.2 CW
  • Max output 2500 lm
  • Uses a 21700 5000mAh high drain lithium battery
  • One-touch control all functions, it is easy to operate
  • Body with Micro-USB charging which support up to 2A charge
  • Powerbank Function (discarged function) Max Output 2.4A
  • Uses constant currrent circuit, with high battery efficienty, stable output, no flashes
  • Anti-reverse design to prevent incorrect battery installation causes the circuit damage
  • Battery power detection, charging instructions, low battery reminder function
  • Phisical and electronic Lockout
  • One-piece shell. the structure is stable and reliable
  • Made of aero grade aluminum alloy, premium Type III hard-anodized anti abrasive finish
  • Whith flashlight self-location function
  • Side switch with status LED
  • Reflector with Electroplating Orange Peel
  • AR Lens


  • Weight without Battery: 120g
  • Weight with battery: 190g
  • Length: 125.8mm
  • Head Diameter: 35mm
  • Body Diameter: 28.8mm

Output Levels and Runtime

Turbo: 2500-1200-700 (measured 2445-1056-688 lm) -1+6+179 mins

High: 1200-700 lm (measured 1092-685 lm) – 6+183min

Middle: 300 lm (measured 277 lm) – 8.5hrs

Low: 25 lm (measured 24 lm) – 104hrs

Following are the Runtime curves for Turbo and High levels


ackaging and content

The Rofis MR50 comes in a very simple cardboard package that recalls the colors of the brand (black / orange). Inside we find all the accessories to use immediately the flashlight In the package there are:

  • The "Rofis MR50"
  • USB charging cable
  • USB adapter
  • Replacement plug for the micro USB port
  • Laynard
  • Replacement O-rings
  • 21700 5000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

The body and the materials

The Rofis MR50 is powered by a 21700 battery (included in the package). This maintains comparable dimensions to the 18650 flashlights but at the same a runtime similar to flashlights powered by 26650 type batteries.

Aesthetically, the MR50 is very beautiful, with attention to detail and also very elegant. To the touch it offers a good feeling of strength and solidity. The thicknesses are abundant and the weight is quite low.

The body has vertical horizontal and vertical grooves for almost the entire length of the flashlight. These guarantee excellent grip in all conditions.

The Rofis MR50 has a one-piece body and the only part that can be unscrewed is the tailcap.

The threads, arrive well lubricated, are anodized so they allow the physical lock-out of the interface by slightly unscrewing the tailcap.

The anodization is smooth, slightly glossy, well made and resistant to scratches. The lettering is precise, without smudging and well centered.

At the negative pole there is a golden spring with a good section while at the positive pole a golden plate.

The bezel and the bezel ring are made of stainless steel

There is no belt clip but the package includes a nice Nylon holster for carrying the flashlight for example attached to the belt.

The tailcap has a non-slip knurling with squares: it offers an excellent grip even with wet or damp hands. It is flat and allows the MR50 to be used also in the tailstand. A small hole allows the insertion of the wrist strap

The reflector has the classic orange peel finish (Electroplating Orange Peel Reflector) treated with electroplating.

The lens is well made with anti-reflective coating

The switch, the only one on the flashlight, allows you to control the whole interface. It is made of dark metal and is surrounded by a stainless steel bezel. Very simple to detect even in the dark thanks to the presence of a small flare on the body in which it is recessed. It offers good tactile feedback. Inside there is a status LED which acts as a battery status indicator or even as a locator.

On the opposite side of the power button is the micro USB interface to recharge the battery and to use the flashlight as a powerbank. This is well protected by a rubber cap that prevents water and dust from penetrating inside.

Together with the flashlight comes also a micro USB cable and an adapter

A few shots at night with the MR70

User Interface

Switching ON / OFF and variation of levels

The Rofis MR50 has 6 modes of operation, in particular 4 normal levels (including Turbo) + 2 special (SOS and Strobe) The UI is very simple and intuitive: With one click the flashlight comes on at the last level used and with a further click the flashlight turns off. When the light is on, holding the power button pressed will cause the light to cycle through the Low, Mid and High levels.

To access the Turbo, it is sufficient to double-click both with the flashlight on and off.

To access the Strobe mode, simply click (by flashlight on or off) the power button quickly three times consecutively.

The SOS mode, on the other hand, can be reached starting from the Strobo by keeping the power button pressed. Keeping the power button pressed again for a couple of seconds will revert to the strobe mode.

Lockout and Memory Mode

The Rofis MR50 has an interface lock function to prevent accidental switching on, for example when you have it in your pocket or backpack. To access it, simply (with the flashlight off) press and hold the power button. To unlock it, simply press the power button again for a couple of seconds until the flashlight comes on at the Low level. As an alternative to electronic lockout, physical lockout is possible by slightly unscrewing the tailcap. This in addition to avoiding accidental openings reduces the annoying phenomenon of the parasitic drain and thus preserving the cell charge. The Memory Mode works only for the Low, Mid and High levels.

Battery Power Detector

When the battery is inserted into the flashlight, the "Battery Power Detector" is automatically activated, which makes a quick check of the battery by calculating the remaining capacity:

  • Green LED on for two seconds indicates a residual capacity greater than 40%
  • Red LED lit for two seconds indicates a residual capacity of less than 40%.
  • Flashing red LED indicates low battery.

The charge and discharge system

An interesting feature of the Rofis R50 is the presence of a charge / discharge system. The flashlight can be easily charged using any standard USB cable with a current of 2A and also exploited, in reverse, as if it were a real powerbank with an output current of 2.4A. In the latter case, the LED present under the power button will indicate the residual capacity of the cell as follows:

  • If the LED flashes 4 times indicates that the battery has a residual capacity of more than 80%
  • If the LED flashes 3 times it indicates that the battery has a residual capacity between 50% and 79%
  • If the LED flashes twice it indicates that the battery has a residual capacity between 20% and 49%
  • If the LED flashes 4 times indicates that the battery has a residual capacity of less than 20%
  • If the battery is less than 5% the charge ends Another interesting feature is that the flashlight can also be used during the charging phase but with only one level of brightness.

Beam, Tint e Beamshot

The MR50 mounts the powerful XHP50.2 in the Cool White version. The tint is cold but not excessively. The beam is very bright in the middle and has a warmer part near the spot especially on high levels. The spill instead has a slightly colder tint, but this, during normal use, is not easily perceptible. The power is adequate to illuminate well even a hundred meters away.

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Final considerations

The MR50 is a flashlight with interesting features. It's the first 21700 flashlight I own. This type of power supply allows to maintain reduced dimensions comparable to 18650 flashlight but at the same time allows to have a power source comparable to large 26650 batteries. The supplied battery has 5000mAh capacity which guarantees an excellent runtime.

Unfortunately, neither with the OPUS BT-C3100, nor with the XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus I managed to load the cell because with its 76mm is really very long for my chargers. I will have to equip for this as soon as possible, for now I will use the integrated USB charging interface that seems to work very efficiently.

Another interesting feature is that you can use the flashlight as a real powerbank and then recharge any device with a USB port.

Aesthetically, the MR50 is very pretty, the lines are sinuous and I personally think it is also very elegant.

The anodization is perfect, the workmanship of the body is exceptional and the finishes are treated in detail.

The regulation is excellent as shown by the runtime curves, the interface is simple, intuitive and complete.

The package is full of accessories: we have the battery, the Nylon holster, cable and USB adapter and the various spare parts (O-ring and rubber cap of the micro USB).

In short, the MR50 really satisfied me from every point of view.

Definitely a product to recommend !!!