Three dead batteries

Some of you may know me by my reputation for working on small lights and while it is true I am addicted to modding solitaires, they do not represent the sum total of my interest in modding either now or in the past. My next big adventure will require a number of 18650 cells which I am going to cannibalize from some Makita 18V 3Ahr batteries. Each battery contains 10 cells and if I can get 8 from each the I will have 32 cells to choose from(another battery died some months ago). Here are the 3 batteries.

I’ll need to pick up a torx security tip to open them up. This is what they will go into.

The ID after milling the head is 110mm. It will have 7 XML 35mm reflectors behind a 12 mm acrylic lens. Driver is still in question.

I think we should all rally around our Rufusbduck and offer him all the support he needs. Keep up your original work. We are all behind you. Bigger is not necessarily better but can lead to bigger headaches. This mod will be orsm. :tired:

WTH is that thing?!
The paint reminds me of radioactive yellow.

Come on! That fell out of a van, didn’t it?!

It’s an Allen light. Used for diving, it has a 10-D battery holder and originally housed a 105mm plastic reflector and a reed switch. Allen made dive lights here in Ca. and this is one of the old school type. A client of mine has some machining tools and a few months ago I took the opportunity to do the groundwork on this light. Here it is with the step milled partway to the depth of the reflectors plus heat sink.

Seriously that thing is bigger than my coffee cup. So this monster is going to drive a solitair emitter? I hope your not going to make one of them, I cant see a driver, light this big baby up.

How many Solitaires do you think you could fit in that thing ?

I can't wait to see how this build turns out.