Thrift Store Gold.

Since we are all Budget minded here. Thought a good topic may be good second-hand deals on stuff.

My latest find was a Bose Soundlink Mini I for $20, works like a charm but sounds like a Bose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also found a B&W Zeppelin for the same price a few months ago!

Anyone else found some good stuff?

Last week I found a pair of vintage Bushnell Banner binoculars for the wife’s bird-watching. They’re not ideal birding binocs, but for $10, they’re in really nice shape.

I got a 28-80mm macro zoom (Access) with an MD/Rokkor mount for $8. It’s a fun toy for macro-ish shots, even at only 1:4.

Is there a link to site/s of this kind of stuff?

Very interesting idea that I have forgotten.

It’s called ‘Goodwill’ here

Years ago I bought a metal cabinet paper filer for $10 and found it had some hidden goodies like some mint condition coins and vintage writing tools under the drawer. I think they have gotten wiser from news story of people finding large sums of money inside jackets pockets.

I recently scored a fold-able French Easel for $15 and Panasonic NB-G110P toaster oven for $10

In the Coachella Valley, the best thrift store chain is probably Angel View, though Goodwill is also excellent.

My sister goes to Angel View quite a bit.

I mostly buy stuff online, though I get my used polo shirts at various thrift stores.

New polo shirts are kinda pricey, but the used ones are almost as good.

Is it one of these, or none:

In my part of CA, it's the second link.

In my parts Value Village. Mostly clothes and other textiles but some stores carry some nice goodies:

‘Sunforce 10 million candlepower’ (/s)

Also, the only remaining flea market:

Coincidentally was looking into getting a pocket (4”) vernier. The pair for $60

i almost never find anything at these places

Got an HP 50g for 50 EUR shipped recently. Very good condition and usually priced around 150 EUR. It’s not my first one, but couldn’t resist for that price to have another spare one. Just in case, you know. (Any other RPL lovers or calculator fanboys here?)

yeah i have some old hp-11c that i use

but i can use anything

what i really hate is the modern ones where you can’t just do ‘’5 sin’’ to get sine of 5 degrees, no - now you have to do ‘’sin 5 =’’ to get that

or for reciprocal, instead of just ‘1/x’, you have to go ‘’x-1, =’’

that is not a calculator, it is an expression evaluator

Me either but i got lucky once, my Brother laser printer was cheap at the Unclaimed Baggage store. Bought in 2009, i gambled that it worked and was not busted inside and i won that gamble. I’m still on the cartridge it came with.

The 11c that got me through college is mostly dead, so I bought a couple of 41Cs at pawn shops years ago. I didn’t pay more than $20 for either. Now I mostly use emacs calc and droid48, and my old 48g and 41Cs just gather dust.

They are related but the first link is their online store.

HP 42c mint condition ~10$ (10 years ago; flea market).
TI 59 thru college. Still works but rarely take it out.
Now using Sharp EL series – has the 1/x and direct algebraic entry (i.e. degree trig –> value)

this thread hits home.

i have posted in other threads about thrift store purchases.
of course, we have Goodwill here, but there are others
which do the same thing. Hospice Home Store, PTA Thrift Shop,
State Surplus Store, and our recycle center has a Salvage Shed,
which is a Free drop-off or pick-up area for things that are “too good”
to throw away. at the SS, i got an in-the-box electric weed-eater ~2011.
the latest was yesterday, posted in the “what knife did you get today” thread.
it is a new $60 knife for $5 at the SSS which handles all the TSA confiscations.

where do you live?
we do not have half that stuff in atlanta