Thrower list

Hello everyone, I would like to know where I can find something like list of best flashlight throwers? In the other forum I found something like this. That list is still right? Thank you.
“King: BLF GT - 2,100m
Queen: Astrolux MF02 - 1697m
Prince: Thrunite TN42 - 1,550m
Princess: Niwalker Vostro BK-FA09S - 1,490m
Knight: Manker MK35 - 1,420m”


Astrolux MF02 hardly reaches that much, 1300m at most which is still insane good for the price.

TN42 goes further than MF02

yea idk who wrote that list? …… kinda inaccurate i would say.

I have one but it’s only for lights above 1Mcd

So there’s only a few production flashlights on there, and even fewer which are LED.

Thank you for reply. Could you recommend me witch flashlight I should choose? I’m thinking about something in the similar price (group buy) niwalker bk-fa30s or astrolux mf02 /maybe something else.

Maybe make a second topic so that everyone sees it and state the price, size, and throw you want.
Also if you want or do not want spill.