Thrower questions

Questions for the wise ones here

  1. Is there a difference between a Uniquefire HS-801 and 802?
  2. Which would have a tighter beam, the above lights or a recoil thrower like this?

1 It appears to be cosmetic only, the reflector and driver appear to be the same. Unless anyone knows different.

2 I think the HS-80x lights would, but I don't own a recoil light. another version of the Ultrafire WF-008/007/Sipik SK-36 etc. which all share the same emitter/driver and reflector assembly.

Beamshot of the Sipik version.

.and an Aurora thrower similar to the HS 801/802

You'll notice that the recoil has a slightly larger hot spot, but much less spill.

Right on target. You guys are good. Thanks alot!

im happy with the HS-802. its not the recoil version, but it throws SOOO tight. tightest hot spot (not as much spill tho) on any flashlight i own

this is a Q5 version. bought it off a member here!

I have the HS-801 with a R2 emitter and i can say it throws really really far. In the price range i doubt there are any contenders left except th HS-802 which seems like the redesigned 801 with a bit of agressive lines.

But! Many found it not got as weapon mount because the hotspot is really small. Up to 25m the flashlight has very limited use.

My HS-802 (R2) has a 10cm wide hotspot at 3m (50kcd at 1.5A, measured at 8m) and considerable corona. Don't own a 801.

The UltraOK Super Tactics' (Q5) hotspot is 20cm at 3m (42kcd at 1.8A, measured at 8m). This is the one I prefer for up to 120m range (my daily use).

My most throwing is the Small Sun ZY-C10-S aspherical (blast it, I always need a magnifier to read that model name). Here, the square hotspot is 11cm at 3m (65 -> 59kcd at 1.3A, measured at 8m). Not so nice beam, but sharpest target image thanks to zero spill.

The throwiest light I have ever used was a Tiablo A10 XRE-R2. But IIRC the lights owner said the driver was modded to slightly over 1.4A, I think it was also modded with a double sided UCL lens too. I can't remember if it was the EZ900 or 1000 XRE die though. It was a really nice / sensible DIY mod IIRC. It handily out-threw some $$$ DIY aspheric mods too (although the Deft was not one of them that night). That was over a year ago though, not sure how well it stacks up against todays lights.

At the time it out threw the 1-2 recoil lights I A-B compared it with at the CPF meet (which were most likely stock). The main problem i see with most recoil lights, is that they don't have sufficient thermal mass to cool the LED if it s driven very hard. So thermal dimming is going to be a problem with moderately long ON cycles. Also, the bridge that the LED is mounted on partially obstructs some of the reflected light and thus never makes it OTF.

Admittedly though I don't really understand the theory of recoil-LED designs. They take the focal point (die surface) and move it our farther away, while using a reflector dish geometry optimized for that focal point length. How is this any different than a properly designed parabolic dish, designed with a focal point closer in? I mean, columnated reflected light is columnated and reflected... its all the same right?