Thrower suggestions

Okay so I’m wanting to make two throwers. One using the c8 and the other using the l6 hosts. My buddy is wanting one for hunting that would reach out about 350 yards. Led and driver suggestions please.

Thrunite Catapult V6 in Neutral White:

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Well, for the L6 you’d might wanna try the Texas Avenger driver (for instance from blf member Lexel) with a XHP70.2
That thing will cover 350 ft easily, probably will throw twice or three times that

Do you want a measured 350 meters or to be able to clearly see to 350 meters?

The Lumintop GT mini is already a C8 sized thrower with a FET driver and xpl-hi. The Emisar D1S is very similar. Both can throw out to a measured 750+ meters.

The L6 is not much of a thrower. Stock is a measured 450 meters. Highly modded is about 830 meters. If you slice the dome off you might measure over 1000 meters.

For hunting you might want to check out the Jaxman Hunter series. They are narrow focus, long range lights.

C8 of your preference and OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG LED. I would buy the C8+ and just put this LED in it. It’s amazing. Running the factory driver is good enough because the LED does not need to be overpowered. I think the needs @ 5 amps or so. There is a thread discussing it. Good read.