Thrower up to $25

Could you please recommend me a thrower with price < 25USD
I want something with better throw than Convoy C8 and powered by 18650s.
Size and weight doesn’t matter.

Thank you :wink:


How about power? Does the thrower have to have brightness in the XM-L(2) range? Or can it be a throwier light that throws like crazy, but isn’t quite as bright? Also, do you mean you want to spend $25 out the door with battery and charger or just the light itself?

this is a very good flashlight and more thrower buy dont have stock now :frowning:

I would prefer XM-L :wink: 25$ is budget for light and shipping.

Small Sun ZY-T08 or ZY-T13?

I think the small suns above or Jacob A60 are the only real options in your budget…
Warsun mx900
1 or 2x 18650

ZY-T08 is the first thing that comes to mind for me...

Not recommending FT necessarily as they have been S-L-O-W lately, but should be right around your budget with the BLF discount...

Looks impressive!

T08 looks great! It is good for future modding? (new 3A driver and maybe XML2) here with 10% coupon is for $22.41

thanks just purchased one to check it out.

Same here. Just bought two of them. Thanks for the link.

Missed the previous Warsun MX-900 deal:

$29.98 -Warsun MX-900 XM-L2 1198 Lumen, HAIII, IPX-8, Double Switch,
2x18650 Batteries+Charger+sheath+tactical ring- SOLD OUT

Yes. Very good for modding. Good space in the pill and easy to attach different sized drivers to the stock driver circuit board (if you strip it down).