"Throwiest" LED?

From your experience, which LED gave you the most throw? I'm currently running an XHP70.2, and while it is pretty bright, I don't feel like it's really going that far.

Dedomed old version XP-G2 is the highest throw.

Should have mentioned, but I don't really liked de-omed LEDs, or more specifically the color of them Thanks anyways though

Xp-l HI likely. Some companies are building amazing throwers from the XHP35 because its capable of near 3000 lumens and candlepower numbers in the mid 500,000+ range and more.
The XHP70.2 or orignal 70 arent ever going to make a comparable thrower when put against smaller die emitters like the XPL and xp-g series.
Pretty much physics dictate small die+ large reflector equals high candlepower and throw.

Then XP-L HI is next best.

Thanks. So if I'm correct, the smaller LED with more candlepower will out throw a larger LED with more lumens?

Thanks, I'll probably try the HI and the 35, and whatever else is recommended to get a feel for them all.

Depends on what LED.
Just because one is smaller doesn’t mean it will outthrow a bigger one.
But the XP-L HI is the highest stock intensity one that cree has available.

Sorry if I'm being annoying, but this is my last question. Between the XPL-HI and the XHP35, with would get farther throw?

The XPL HI does.


They have a flat silicone layer instead of a dome, so there is no need to remove the dome yourself.

Does the XPE2 belong in the thrower category in the right torch?

They are very similar though. The luminance difference is so small that it can hardly be seen. The XHP-35 HI has a 50% larger die though, so more lumens and a fatter beam at almost the same luminance. Because of the higher Vf it can also be driven by more compact drivers (lower currents).

What is a die? Is it the size of the LED?

The die is the the Yellow Square that Emits light , The colour of the Die Depends on the LED UV/IR/White….

there are LEDs with 4 Dies Connected Together like this


All this discussion misses an important point:
to get the most throw from a LED you need to drive it to the max.
This is not what typically happens with any of the mentioned LEDs.

What LED would be good for maximum drive?

Any. You just need the right driver for your host. Which may or may not be available.
So if you have a host, tell us what it is. If you don’t - ask us to help you find the one that’s right for you.